Akira 25th Anniversary Edition

A very exciting announcement has come out of Emerald City Comic Con today, especially if you are a fan of the original Akira manga by Katsuhiro Otomo.

In honor of the manga’s 35th anniversary, Kodansha Comics will be releasing a boxed set to mark this occasion.  It will contain all 6 manga volumes as large format hardcover books, and will also be restored to its original right to left format.  Pages will also feature original Japanese sound effects with endnote translations and all pages will be unaltered.

The box set will also include the Akira Club artbook, which is currently out of print and the cheapest you can find it is $129 used on Amazon.

There has been no release date mentioned yet, but Kodansha plans to announce more extras to the box set when it becomes available.  They promise this to be the most authentic, definitive version of Otomo’s epic to ever come to print.

My husband Brad is a huge fan, having collected all the volumes released previously by Dark Horse comics.  He will have to start saving, as the box set is to retail at $199.99.


Source: Twitter, Kodansha Comics blog

Photos copyright of Katsuhiro Otomo



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