Moon Day 4/4/2016

Hello fellow Moonies.  Here are your summaries for the two classic Sailor Moon Sailor Star episodes that were released this past Monday.  Viz kept to the two episode rule and episode 200 will air next week.  After that, no more classic episodes!  Hopefully we’ll get release dates for S, SuperS, and Sailor Stars for DVD and Blu ray release soon.  And while Vizhas secured rights to the three Sailor Moon films and other specials, no release date has been announce for those yet.  Now onto the episodes!

Episode 198: “Dying Stars: Uranus and Neptune’s Last Stand!”

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are now being controlled by Sailor Galaxia by way of the bracelets she provided.  They had struck a bargain that they would willing work for her as long as they were allowed to stay together.  Sailor Moon and the Star Lights arrived after Sailor Pluto and Saturn died after having their star seeds taken from them.  Sailor Moon still believes that Uranus and Neptune are still her friends but their response it to kill her quickly.  As they unleash an attack on the remaining scouts, Sailor Moon awakens mere seconds later, surprised to see herself in her school uniform.  The other scouts are there, assuring her that Earth is now safe and that their deaths were all part of the plan to save it.  Mamoru arrives with Chibi Usa and apologizes for abandoning her.  After he kisses her, she snaps out of it and realizes it was a dream.  Uranus and Neptune catch up to them.  Uranus smacks Usagi, saying this is reality and there is no way to change things.  Star Fighter gets into a fight with her, with both landing punches.  Uranus and Neptune launch another attack, with Star Fighter grabbing Sailor Moon and leaping to safety.  Sailor Galaxia shows up and demands their Star seeds.  Uranus and Neptune turn their attacks onto Galaxia.  Everyone is shocked as she produces no Star seed.  Galaxia relinquishes their bracelets, and Uranus and Neptune die.  Before disappearing, Uranus makes Star Fighter promise to protect Usagi at all costs.  Star Fighter still says the Light of Hope exists, so they would just need to find the Legendary Sailor Scout who has it and defeat Galaxia.  Galaxia hears this, and reveals that she is the Legendary scout that sealed Chaos into herself.020




Episode 199: “The Light of Hope: The Final Battle for the Galaxy.”

We hear Princess Kakyu’s voice, retelling how a long time ago, many Sailor Scouts in the galaxy fought against the forces of evil to maintain peace.  A legendary Sailor Scout fought against the source of all evil, Chaos in an epic battle, and won by sealing Chaos within herself.  Sailor Galaxia has revealed to the remaining scouts that she was the Legendary scout who they want to seek out.  Even though in disbelief, Star Fighter tries to attack her with her Star Serious Laser attack.  Galaxia blocks it easily and uses her sword to cause an attack from the ground.  A shadow engulfs Sailor Moon and gives her a vision.  In the vision, she witnesses Galaxia sealing Chaos.  When Galaxia realized that Chaos was getting stronger and she could no longer control it; she released her own star seed into the galaxy, hoping it will escape Chaos’ influence.  All the Star Lights unleash their attacks and manage to break Galaxia’s force field.  Sailor Moon believes in Sailor Galaxia, and that Galaxia’s true self does not want this.  She attempts to use her Moon Power Tiare staff, only to have it broken to pieces by Galaxia.  The Star Lights launch one more attack, gathering the last of their strength because of their belief in Usagi saving the world.  Their attack fails, and Galaxia throws them back down to Earth.  As Galaxia sets to kill the Star Lights, Sailor Moon runs in front of them and her Star seed is released.  Galaxia slices it from her chest, as she knows this star seed is the most powerful in the galaxy.  Sailor Chibi Chibi starts to cry, and as she does, a red butterfly appears.  The Star Lights hear Princess Kakyu, saying the Light of Hope is Awakening.






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