Moon Day 3/21/2016 and 3/28/2016

Last week was a busy week for me, so here are last weeks and this weeks Moon Day episodes. All episodes can be streamed on Hulu and Viz’s Neon Alley.  As of today, we only have three more episodes until the end of Sailor Moon!!  Let’s hope Viz will have all three air next week!

Episode 194: “Crusade for the Galaxy: Legend of the Sailor Wars.”

The Starlights Princess Kakyu has finally been found.  Princess Kakyu informs Usagi and the other Scouts of the situation at hand.  Centuries ago, a Legendary Sailor Scout locked away Chaos as he wrecked havoc across the galaxy.  Choas has now been revived in the form of Sailor Galaxia, and she is collecting the Star Seeds of other Scouts to seize control of the galaxy.  She asks Usagi to find the Light of Hope, which was last in the possession of the Legendary Sailor Scout all those years ago.  Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus show up, and say that Princess Kakyu is asking too much of Usagi with such a selfish request.  Sailor Galaxia senses Princess Kakyu and is determined to try and stop her before she can take action.  Sailor Tin Nyanko informs Galaxia that she has indeed found a true star seed.  Later that evening, Usagi is desperately trying to get in touch with Mamoru, as she has not seen or heard from him since he left for America.  The phone goes to voicemail as she hangs up and cries.  The next day, all the scouts do their best not letting Usagi out their sight since they now know the enemy is after her.  After much stifling and an offhanded comment about Mamoru, Usagi asks if she can be alone for awhile.  She ends up getting ambushed by Nyanko, as she infiltrated Usagi’s school by posing as a student.  A rose appears as they fight and Usagi thinks it’s Tuxedo Mask here to save her.  Instead she finds Seiya.  Sailor Star Fighter weakens Tin Nyanko and Usagi blasts off one of her braclets with her attack.  After it is all said and done, the rose was a reminder to Usagi that she does not want to be alone anymore.




Episode 195: “Princess Kakyu Perishes: Advent of Galaxia!”

Rei (Sailor Mars) visits Usagi at home.  Usagi has been depressed lately with the absence of Mamoru and Seiyas recent confession of love.  She confesses to Rei that she hasn’t heard from Mamoru since he left for America.  Before Rei can let the shock since in, Chibi Chibi turns up the radio.  An announcement is made that the Three Lights are breaking up, and will be playing a farewell concert.  Usagi goes to meet with Seiya to let him know her feelings.  She runs into Michiru and Haruka, who go with her just to make sure this is the last time she says good-bye to Seiya.  Rei tells the Scouts how Usagi has not heard from Mamoru all this time.  Ami calls the university that Mamoru attends, and finds out he never arrived to his destination.  The Three Lights hope their planned last concert will help Princess Kakyu find the Light of Hope.  Usagi arrives and is left alone with Seiya.  Seiya confesses that he never thought he would have feelings for her.  He then tells her that he hopes all goes well with her and Mamoru.  At this, she starts to cry as he kisses her.  The concert starts and the Three Lights sing out for the Light of Hope to appear.  Unbeknownst to everyone, Chibi Chibi starts to glow.  Sailor Tin Nyanko sees this as an opportune moment to strike.  It is found out that Sailor Galaxia has her star seed, and the bracelets were preventing her from dying.  The Scouts bicker on who should protect who until Eternal Sailor Moon and Princess Kakyu says they should work together.  Sailor Galaxia shows up, tells Nyanko she has done a good job, and takes her last remaining bracelet.  She blasts Princess Kakyu and says that even with everyones powers combined, they are no match for her.  She takes Princess Kakyu’s star seed and says she will be back for the rest of theirs.  As Princess Kakyu dies, she sees Sailor Chibi Chibi, whispering that she is the Light of Hope.




Episode 196: “Countdown to Destruction: The Sailor Guardians Last Battle!”

After the death of their beloved Princess Kakyu, the three Starlights decided take revenge on Sailor Galaxia.  Sailor Neptune warns that if they do, it will mean their death.  Her warning falls on deaf ears.  All across Tokyo, darkness falls.  The city starts to panic.  Sailor Galaxia takes control of the airways and television as she says she will destroy humanities existence.  All the Scouts nearly get taken out by some black lightning, only to be saved by Sailor Pluto and Sailor Saturn.  They gather at Rei’s temple, and Hotaru warns that this is the strongest enemy force they have ever encountered.  All across the city, peoples star seeds are being removed as the city burns.  The Outer Scouts leave to form a plan to fight Sailor Galaxia.  The Sailor Starlights are not having as much luck in defeating the person who killed their princess.  The Inner Scouts follow suit to the Outer Scouts, and plan to confront Sailor Galaxia.  They tell Artemis and Luna to head to safety.  Sailor Chibi Chibi arrives and teleports the Inner Scouts inside.  Eternal Sailor Moon demands Sailor Galaxia stop what she is doing and return the city to normal.  In the heat of battle, Sailor Galaxia’s beams hit the Inner Scouts, taking their star seeds.  As the Scouts disappear, Sailor Moon pleads for them not to leave her alone.  Sailor Mars tells her she is too soft and needs to be strong for everyone.  As she follows their star seeds, she recognizes a gold one in the far distance to be Mamoru’s.  Sailor Star Fighter realizes that this is Usagi’s boyfriend.  Sailor Moon is in complete shock, as not only are her closest friends are dead, but her love as well.






Episode 197: “Ruler of the Galaxy: The Menace of Galaxia.”

Sailor Galaxia brings down Mamoru’s star seed as she notices Sailor Moons reaction to it.  She explains the battle that happened that we did not see during episode 173 when Mamoru’s plane vanished in a bright light.  Mamoru senses something is wrong as a gold light approaches the plane.  He changes into Tuxedo Mask and confronts Sailor Galaxia.  As his star seed is ripped from him, he says that she is just delaying her defeat; as the planet is protected by other Sailor Soldiers.  His body glows and he whispers Usagi’s name as the vision ends.  Sailor Galaxia blasts a light towards Sailor Moon.  As Sailor Star Fighter runs in front of her to take the blast, Sailor Chibi Chibi teleports them away.  When Sailor Moon awakes, she is with the Starlights and the Outer Scouts.  The Outer Scouts had sense the death of the Inner Scouts.  Sailor Uranus and Neptune go to confront Sailor Galaxia.  Before Pluto and Saturn go, Saturn tells Sailor Star Fighter that if she loves Sailor Moon, she should believe in her as well.  While the Starlights feel they have nothing to protect anymore, Sailor Chibi Chibi reminds them that the Inner Scouts asked the Starlights to protect Sailor Moon for them.  They then proceed to confront Sailor Galaxia.  Meanwhile, the Outer Scouts make no headway into defeat her.  Sailor Saturn threatens to use her Silent Glaive, even at the sacrifice of her life.  Sailor Galaxia reveals it was her who awoke Queen Nehelania in episode 167, causing Sailor Saturn’s reawakening.  She then makes them a deal, where they do not want to die, they give up their star seeds and pledge allegiance to her by way of her bracelets. Uranus accepts the offer as long as Neptune is with her.  Pluto screams at Uranus to remember their mission in protecting the planet and Princess Serenity.  Pluto and Saturn die just as Eternal Sailor Moon arrives with Chibi Chibi and the Starlights.






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