Anime Japan 2016 Sailor Moon Crystal Preview

Anime Japan was help this past weekend, previewing all upcoming anime for the year.  The first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal was previewed on Saturday March 26th.  The producers and cast were on hand to answer numerous questions in regards to the show.  It has been confirmed that the season will run 13 episodes to cover the Death Busters story arc of the manga.  It also would appear that Toei Animation has taken to listening to fans complaints about the show and fixing those complaints for this season.  My main complaint was the 3D transformation sequences from the first two season.  The original Sailor Moon anime’s hand drawn animations were magical (pun intended), and shows that you didn’t need fancy computers to achieve this.  As for the first two seasons of Crystal, the 3D sequences looked poorly done and the cell shading just made it not match the hand drawn animation that had already been established.  As you can see in the preview video below, transformation sequences are now back to hand drawn, and it looks amazing.  Sailor Moon’s transformation starts at 7:29.

The Sailor Moon Crystal youtube page also made separate high quality videos available of the opening and ending sequences, plus a new PV.  The new ending sequence has become my new favorite, as it showcases a duet between Sailor Neptune and my favorite scout, Sailor Uranus!  There will be two more ending sequences for the show as well, one featuring Sailor Chibi Moon and the other featuring Tuxedo Mask.  Here are all the videos.

Opening Sequence:

Closing Sequence:

Preview video:

The show is set to premiere on April 4th.  Crunchyroll and Hulu streamed the first two seasons as they aired last year.  No confirmation yet on whether or not that will be the case for season three, but lets hope so.  Viz Media has the rights to distribute Sailor Moon Crystal for home distribution.

Source: Twitter, Crunchyroll, Anime News Network


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