Moon Day 3/14/2016

I know this is a couple days late, but here are your summaries for the two Sailor Moon Sailor Star episodes that were released on Monday (Moon Day) March 14th.  Both episodes can be streamed on Hulu and Viz’s Neon Alley.

Episode 192: “Go For Your Dream! Minako Becomes an Idol.”

Minako receives a letter in the mail congratulating her making it to the final round of an Idol contest.  Initially she is very excited because she is one step closer to making her dream come true, but then walks out on Artemis in sadness.  As they meet with the others, the Scouts talk about the Three Lights and how they manage working on Idol duties.  This upsets Minako, who says that they should be focusing on their studies and not persuing their dreams.  She leaves.  As they stare confusingly, Artemis mentions her Idol contest and that she made it to the finals. But Minako feels that with the planet in danger, and her duties as a Sailor Scout taking precedent, it will hinder her in pursuing her dream.  The Scouts pursue Minako, and convince her to take this once in lifetime chance, regardless of what is going on.  When she arrives, Yaten chides her for even considering this option and taking being a Sailor Scout more seriously.  She retorts back that she should be able to pursue her dream because it is just as important as long as she has friends who support her.  As the rounds go on, during the question round she is asked why she wants to become an Idol.  She answers that wants to inspire people just like the Three Lights do.  When an angry Yaten throws a punch with asking that doesn’t she have more important things to do, she replies that nothing is more important than following her dreams.  The other judge tells Yaten that she is right.  After an attack at the contest, Yaten confesses to Minako that she impressed him that day, and that she shone the brightest out of all the contestants.




Episode 193: “The Stolen Silver Crystal! Princess Kakyuu Appears!”

The Scouts are all helping out with the school festival.  Their class has been given the task of running the maid cafe.  Meanwhile at Ginga TV, Sailor Lead Crow has gone through Sirens desk and comes upon her diary.  She discovers that Siren had found out who Sailor Moon was and that she carries a true star seed!  Lead Crow goes to Sailor Galaxia with this information, leaving Sailor Tin Nyanko intimidated by this revelation.  Usagi notices red butterflies floating in her room, but they soon disappear when she tries to look at them as they leave through her window.  She encounters Seiya and they have a moment.  As Usagi leaves, Seiya notices a red butterfly going into her room as well.  At the school festival, Seiya comes to visit the Scouts at their cafe.  Yaten and Taiki confront Chibi Chibi about the incense burner she’s been carrying.  The Scouts come to her rescue, as Yaten nearly punches Makoto.  When Seiya asks why they’re behaving in such a way, Yaten answers that they smelled the Princesses scent coming from the burner, and Chibi Chibi won’t relinquish it.  Back at the school, Lead Crow attacks.  She threatens to envelop the school in a black hole unless Eternal Sailor Moon gives up up her star seed.  The Star Lights and the Scouts tell her not to do it, but Sailor Moon won’t let innocents die.  Lead Crow blasts Sailor Moon and her star seed is revealed in the form of the Silver Millennium Crystal. Before Lead Crow can retrieve the seed, Tin Nyanko pushes her into the black hole.  Realizing that the Black Hole has gone out of control, she escapes.  As it swallows Sailor Moon and Chibi Chibi, Chibi Chibi unleashes the power of the incense burner.  As Usagi awakens, she lays eyes on Princess Kakyuu.






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