New “We Are X” Trailer Debuts


Anime has introduced me to various kinds of J-Rock and J-Pop.  With the help of opening and closing sequences, I’ve become a fan of many J-Rock/Pop stars over the past twelve years.  Some of my favorites include BUCK TICK, Maaya Sakamoto, and Utada Hikaru.  But the one band who were my first love and still top on my list is X Japan.  Ever since hearing their song “Forever Love” from the X/1999 movie, I was instantly hooked.  Their songs were not only hard and fast, but could also be romantic and melodic.  One of my most favorite songs by them is “Longing, Togieta Melody.” The video below shows why I love them so much.

The sad part about it is when I started listening to them in early 2004, I didn’t know their guitarist Hide was dead from an apparent suicide in 1998; or that they disbanded in 1997.  Man you can just see the shocked look on my face when I found out (THANKS INTERNET).

All that has changed now since the band has long since been reunited and has been having a resurgence, so to speak.  The past couple years has seen them play a sold out show in Madison Square Garden, and more recently they have filmed a documentary.  The documentary, “We Are X” debut during the Sundance film festival and today, the SXSW film festival released a new trailer for it.  So next Friday, March 18th, the documentary will have a showing at three different theaters, and if you’re lucky enough to catch the showing at the Paramount Theater in Austin, Texas; you will also catch founding band member Yoshiki give a live performance.  He will play classical versions of X Japan’s songs with a string quartet.  The new trailer is below.  I really hope they plan another world tour soon, because I will be getting tickets to it.  Guaranteed!!!


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