Moon Day 3/7/2016

A couple days late, but better late than never.  Here are your summaries for the Sailor Moon Sailor Star episodes that were released this past Monday on Hulu and Neon Alley.  As of this two episode broadcast, we are only 11 episodes away from the end of the entire 200 episode run.  Hopefully Viz will start pumping out the blu rays sooner than later considering so far there has been no release date for Sailor Moon S.  Now onto this weeks episodes.

Episode 190: “The Truth Revealed! Seiya, Yaten, and Taiki’s Past!”

Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna call out Yaten and Taiki to a confrontation.  They transform, and Taiki and Yaten are surprised to find out they are also Sailor Scouts.  Yaten and Taiki transform.  The Outer Scouts demand that the Starlights say away from Sailor Moon.  The Starlights don’t like being told what to do, so they try and attack the Outer Scouts.  Before any blows can be made, Seiya arrives.  Still injured from the previous battle, his weakened state prompts the battle to stop.  He promises to stay away from Usagi.  The next day, Usagi is still depressed after the night Seiya saved her and the Starlights ultimatum for her to stay away from him.  Minako eventually cheers her up by giving her a pamphlet regarding the next Three Lights concert, letting her know that she can go to the concert to see if Seiya’s okay.  The Inner Scouts meet at Rei’s temple, surprised when they see the Outer Scouts arrival.  Haruka lets Usagi know that there is a war going on with various Sailor Scouts, and the Starlights cannot be trusted.  Usagi demands they stay out of her affairs before running off.  Later that night, Usagi watches the concert from a ferris wheel.  When the Starlights sings, she sees their past, and how their planet was destroyed by Sailor Galaxia.  After a battle with a Phage, Seiya thanks Usagi for everything.  When Usagi tries to follow, Haruka stops her.




Episode 191: “When the Butterfly of Light Dances! Premonition of the New Wave.”

Chibi Chibi is out walking by herself again when she teleports away from the street.  When she reaches her destination, she transforms into Sailor Chibi Chibi.  An incense burner appears before her and they are both engulfed in a red light, much like energy that gave Eternal Sailor Moon her power up.  Elsewhere, both the Three Lights and Sailor Galaxia sense this power.  While the Lights see this as hope, Sailor Galaxia fears this power.  Meanwhile, the Inner Scouts try to coax Usagi into going to a Computer Game convention. Usagi is not up to it, saying she would rather stay home.  The Scouts are worried on how depressed Usagi is of the whole situation.  They come to find out that Taiki will be at the same convention performing, so the Scouts go hoping to get some answers.  After a video game tournament where Ami beats Taiki, she manages to get a few minutes alone with him.  She mentions how Usagi is hurting, but is only then interrupted by a scream.  Lead Crow has attacked and causes a Phage to appear.  As Sailor Mercury takes on the Phage, Taiki walks away leaving her to defend herself.  Seiya leaves to defend the Inner Scouts, after telling Yaten and Taiki that if their Princess was here, what would she do?  After it is over, the Inner Scouts and the Starlights promise to get along.  At least for now.  When Usagi and Chibi Chibi walk by, Taiki is surprised that they have the scent of his princess.





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