Sailor Moon Crystal Preview


Today is official Sailor Neptune’s birthday (Happy birthday Michiru!!), and Toei animation held a special preview of the upcoming season of Sailor Moon Crystal!!!  The PV is below for those who have not seen it yet (though if you’re a Moonie like myself, you’ve seen this more times than you can count…).

And here are some of my favorite screen caps from the trailer!!!  I am so happy to finally see Haruka / Sailor Uranus new design since she’s my all time favorite scout!!!




The preview even also made some really awesome long awaited news for the show.  The show now has an official airing date.  That date is April 4th, 2016!!  Instead of airing on a streaming service like last season with Nico Nico, the show will premiere on Japanese TV.  Which means it will have better production value.  Toei has also seemed to have listed to criticism from the previous seasons.  Most fans including myself had the biggest complaint that all the transformations were done in CG, and not very good CG…… What I liked about the original show is how they were able to achieve the magic around the transformation without the use of computers.  A source who was at the event tweeted that the first episode they watched confirmed that no CG transformations were present but traditionally animated ones!!!

Other announcements included changes in the opening and ending songs. The songs and sequences were not done or recorded for todays premiere.  Momorio Clover Z will not be returning this season (they sang both OP and END songs for seasons 1 & 2).  For the opening theme, it will be sung by Etsuko Yakushimaru; who sang “Otome no Policy” for the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Tribute album that was released in 2014. The opening theme is title “New Moon Ai Aishite (Fall in the Love with the New Moon).”  The ending them will be sung by Junko Minagawa (Sailor Uranus) and Sayaka Ohara (Sailor Neptune). The song is titled “Eternal Eternity” and is meant to be duet for the two Outer Senshi.  The CD featuring the singles will be released April 27th.

As part of the preview celebration, the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary site released two pieces of Sailor Neptune artwork as a reward for 10,000 retweets of the shows preview video.  I end this post with those lovely pieces.  Enjoy!!!

Cc2TCGVUsAEd3TD     Cc35o5OVIAgn1Rd

Source: Twitter, ANN, Crunchyroll




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