Moon Day 2/29/2016

Hello everyone.  Here’s your Moon day update from this Monday, February 29th.  The latest episodes of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars can be found on Hulu and Viz’s Neon Alley.

Episode 188: “Invitation to Terror: Usagi’s Night Flight!”

The Scouts gather to discuss the power that Chibi Chibi has within her.  While there are still too many unanswered questions, they believe she is with them for a reason: to give them all power for the their fight against the enemy.  Meanwhile, Sailor Galaxia has lost patience with Sailor Aluminum Siren. Siren assures her that her next plan is full proof and she’ll have the true star seed soon.  Sailor Lead Crow is unsure about this plan while another Animate awaits in the shadows for her turn.  The next day, Ami, Makoto, and Minako discuss their tickets to the Three Lights movie premier, which will be held on a fancy jet.  Usagi catches wind of this and is upset that the others didn’t get a ticket for her.   They mention the catch is that only people in the Official Three Lights fan club had access to them.  Usagi tries to get a pity ticket from the Three Lights themselves, but to no avail.  A ticket does find it’s way to Usagi, but only by way of Siren, who knows she is Sailor Moon.  Usagi tries to prevent the flight from taking off, unfortunately no one believes her. Usagi’s identity is revealed, and in the end all the Scouts and Three Lights know each others secret.




Episode 189: “Duty or Friendship: Conflict between the Sailor Guardians.”

The Scouts are still in reeling over the reveal that the Three Lights are actually the Sailor Star Lights.  While they were friends before, they didn’t really know the Lights outside of their celebrity persona.  The Three Lights also ponder what their next move should be.  While Seiya feels bad for deceiving them, Taiki and Yaten are quick to let him know their mission is to find their Princess.  It is even suggest that they should stay back and continue on their mission while Usagi and the others fight Galaxia on their own.  Sailor Galaxia assigns Lead Crow to partner up with Sailor Tin Nyako after release Siren from her duties.  Nyako is quick to clean out any remnants of Siren, much to Lead Crows dismay.  At the mall, Rei has taken up a lousy job from her grandfather by given fortunes to mall patrons.  First Seiya, then Usagi get fortunes from Rei, even though they don’t know it’s her.  Reis advice to both is to do what they think is right.  As Usagi attempts to see Seiya, the Three Lights DJ is attacked.  While Sailor Lead Crow distracts the scouts, Nyako tries to aim for Sailor Moon.  Seiya blocks the attack, sacrificing himself for her. After the plan fails, the other two Star Lights take Seiya away, making it known to Sailor Moon that she is forbidden to see Seiya ever again.






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