Food Wars Season 2

When Brad and I first met, I was the only one really obsessed with Anime.  While he had seen and appreciated classics such as Akira and X/1999, Anime was more of my hobby.

Fast forward to now.  With the help of streaming services such as Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Netflix, Brad has been accumulating his favorite Anime series. A couple of them he even suggested I watch, and because of his suggestions, I’ve become a devout Noragami fan.  So you can imagine his heartbreak when one of his favorite Anime shows ended abruptly and with a cliffhanger.  I had to explain to him that it was the plight of every Anime fan.  You get wrapped up in a series, only to have it end after 12 or 24 episodes.  My most recent heartaches came from Attack on Titan and My Love Story.

The show in question is Food Wars. Food Wars first season is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.  It is based off the manga by Yuto Tsukada and Shun Saeki, and tells the story of Soma, who wants to become a world class chef like his dad.  But before he can make that dream come true (ha, ha pun coming up… roflmao), his dad tells him to enroll and graduate from an elite culinary school.  Only problem: the graduation rate is only 10%.


The reason why I threw the pun in there is even the show centers around food, it’s ecchi/hentai lines are blurred in the form of Foodgasms.  So usually if you’re a foodie, when you’ve had something really awesome, one might say they had a foodgasm.  The show takes the Foodgasm quite literally.  It can be awkward to watch, but then yours truly is a fan of Monster Musume (an ecchi harem comedy).  If you want to see what I mean, watch the clip below.  You’ve been for warned. For those who are uncomfortable with any sexual situations, comical or otherwise, don’t watch.  Also it’s not safe for work (NSFW).

So Brad will be most happy with the news I saw through Twitter.  During the “Shokugeki! Maihama Festival” it was announce that Food Wars season two will debut this summer! More than likely Crunchyroll will stream it as it airs like it did with season one.  Sentai Filmworks has licensed the first season for home distribution, but no work yet if they’ll acquire season two.  I am pretty sure they will.  The preview for season two is below.  Hopefully Brad will enjoy it and be excited for the summer.


Source: Twitter, Crunchyroll, Anime News Network



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