Possible New Pokemon Games?!

Many sources on the internet today are posting news of epic proportions.  According to theses sources, it is possible that Nintendo might announce new Pokemon games during tomorrow’s Pokemon Direct.  This Saturday is considered “Pokemon Day” officially as it marks the release of the classics that started it all: Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow to coincide with the 20th anniversary.  These logos have popped up online through European trademark site.


Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun make their debut two years after the last games X and Y.  Yours truly is very excited for tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct.  A lot of outlets are celebrating “Pokemon Day” with various offers.  GameStop will be selling the new Pokemon 3DS with Charizard and Blastoise faceplates and both Red and Blue pre-instated, plus you get a poster with any Pokemon purchase.  In LA, a Pokemart will be popping up in the Japan LA store selling various Pokemon clothing and exclusives.  It will remain opening until March 27th.

I am very excited for any Pokemon announcements on tomorrows Nintendo Direct!!! I will be writing up a blog in celebration of Pokemon and it’s anniversary, plus how it has popularity stays strong.  Hope to hear some awesome announcements tomorrow!!


Source: Twitter, The Nerdist



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