Sailor Moon Glasses


I could probably file this set of merchandise in a group of the following: please take my money, or probably won’t be able to get or afford because of shipping costs from Japan….

Bandai and JINS eyewear have teamed up to give you frames to coincide with Sailor Moon Crystal!!!  I must have these, they’re all so cute!!!  There are a total of eight different frames: six for all the scouts and two to match Princess Serenity and the Silver Crystal.

Princess Serenity and the Silver Crystal:


Sailor Moon:


Sailor Chibi Moon:


Sailor Mercury:


Sailor Mars:


Sailor Jupiter:


Sailor Venus:


The Silver Crystal and Princess Serenity Frames are 12,960 yen ($115 US).  The Scouts frames are 8,532 yen ($76 US) or 9,612 yen ($85.50 US) if you buy them with accompanying case and lens cleaner cloth.  The lens cloth can be purchased separately for 1,080 yen ($9.50 US).  Pre-orders start on tomorrow, February 25th, and the glasses will start shipping in July.  They are non-prescription glasses (which is why I would love to have them, since I have to eye issues), but prescription lenses can be added with no extra costs.  I would love to have them all if I could afford them, but if I could only pick just one, I would go with either Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, or Sailor Jupiter!

Source: Twitter, Anime News Network.  Photos courtesy of The Nerdist.



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