Moon Day 2/22/2016

Monday was Moon Day and two more Sailor Moon Sailor Star episodes have been added to Hulu and Viz’s Neon Alley. Here are your summaries for the episodes.

Episode 186: “Chibi Chibi’s Mystery: The Big Noisy Case.”

Usagi comes home to find that Chibi Chibi has acquired numerous snacks and a brand new doll. As Usagi drools over the snacks, Chibi Chibi hands her donut.  When Usagi’s mom comes home, Usagi complains on how Chibi Chibi gets snacks and not her.  When her mom mentions that she never bought snacks for anybody, Usagi gets suspicious.  When she goes back to the living room, Chibi Chibi and the cakes are gone.  After Chibi Chibi returns from another trip, this time with candy, Usagi decides to follow her on her next venture.  While following Chibi Chibi to an unknown location, Usagi and Luna still ponder the idea that Chibi Chibi is the second child of her and Mamoru even though Pluto confirmed that she is not.  Soon the Inner Scouts and the Three Lights get involved on where Chibi Chibi might be going.  They all eventually end up at a mansion, owned by old man.  He has been the one spoiling her with gifts.  He ends up becoming Lead Crow and Aluminum Siren’s target for a star seed.




Episode 187: “The Power of Shining Stars! Chibi Chibi’s Transformation!”

The Inner Scouts are discussing what sports clubs they want to join during a break from class.  Minako and Makoto have already joined the Volleyball and Basketball clubs just so they can be close to Taiki and Yaten of the Three Lights.  Seiya shows up and announces that he has signed up both him and Usagi for the Softball club.  Usagi gets infuriated not only because she’d rather not play sports, but that she does not want to have anything to do with Seiya.  Later that day a jealous group of girls, lead by the 1st member of the Three Lights fan club Sonoka, confront Seiya and Usagi as they are practicing.  Sonoka challenges Seiya to a softball game.  If Seiya wins, he can spend all his time with Usagi.  If he loses, he is never to see her again.  Usagi tries to please her case, that she has no feelings whatsoever for Seiya, but it falls on deaf ears.  Despite Usagi’s protests, Seiya insists they practice for the upcoming game.  Sailor Galaxia is becoming wary of Sailor Aluminum Siren, as she too has yet to find a true star seed.  Siren promises her next target will be the one.  That target ends up being Sonoka.  As the battle to save Sonoka escalates, Chibi Chibi touches Eternal Sailor Moons Honey rod, causing light to appear.  Sailor Moon has a vision, and come to find, Chibi Chibi is a Sailor Scout as well.





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