Moon Day 2/15/16

Sorry that this one is late again.  I’ve been up in arms with work and this week I’ve been bogged down with two new games to play (Street Fighter V and Fire Emblem Birthright).  Here are your synopsis for the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episodes that were released this week.  They are currently streaming on Hulu and Viz’s Neon Alley.  As of this post, there are only 17 more episodes left to be released.  Hopefully Viz will upload the Sailor Moon specials and movies afterwards, as they did acquire the license to release those as well. Sailor Moon Crystal season 3 has been set for an April release, and there will also be an advanced screening of the first episode March 6th at Ikebukuro’s Animate which will also have a panel with the director.  Now onto the summaries.

Episode 184: “A Night Alone Together: Usagi in Danger!”

The Inner Scouts take a time out after all the incidents that have been happening lately.  Usagi is starting to feel the pressure even now, since her family went on vacation and she’s left alone to babysit Chibi Chibi.  Seiya overhears the conversation and invites himself over to keep her company.  Usagi being her naive self gladly accepts, much to the Inners disappointment.  They feel Seiya is just taking advantage of the situation.  That night, Luna makes sure to tell Usagi not to let her guard down.  Seiya arrives and much to his dismay, finds a picture of Usagi and Mamoru.  He places the picture face down.  As he is about to tell Usagi about him being Sailor Star Fighter, Chibi Chibi throws cake in his face.  As he has a shower, the rest of the scouts plus Yaten and Taiki show up.  As Haruka and Seiya start a tense argument, TV crews arrive at the house after being tipped off that the Three Lights are inside.  Sailor Lead Crow and Sailor Aluminum Siren make the TV crews Manager their next target.




Episode 185: “Taiki’s Song Filled with Passion and Faith!”

Ami has a friend named Misa who is currently at the hospital.  Ami fears that Misa might not have that much time left.  After meeting with the other scouts, she mentions that Misa is a huge Three Lights fan.  Usagi starts plotting and manages to get Taiki to go to the hospital to see her.  Taiki is happy to see Misa, but at the same time is depressed.  He feels that no one seems to understand the Three Lights message, and fears they will never find their princess.  Ami encourages Misa to show Taiki her princess drawing.  Misa gets extremely nervous and refuses to show it, but promises to after her operation.  Later that night, Taiki suggests the Three Lights cancel their next concert as he doesn’t think their message isn’t getting across.  This makes Seiya and Yaten very angry, as they tell him they have to keep going, for her.  Misa notices Taiki’s heart is not into his work, and her health takes a turn for the worst.  Sailor Aluminum Siren’s next target is the American Doctor in charge of Misa’s life changing surgery.






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