Moon Day 2/1 and 2/8/2016

Sorry this post is late.  I had to get back into the swing of things at work after having a nine day vacation.  This post will also include the summaries for last weeks episodes as I missed writing that blog for February 1st.  So here we go!  All episodes are currently streaming on Hulu and Viz’s Neon Alley.

Episode 180: “Calling of the Shining Stars! Enter Haruka and Michiru.”

All the Inner scouts wait at pay phones, as the number they all seem to be calling is busy.  After numerous tries Mina manages to get patched through.  But alas, the Three Lights Concert that they all have been trying to call in tickets for is sold out.  They run into Haruka and Michiru, and Michiru happens to have free tickets for all of them.  When asked how she got tickets, she mentions she will be playing along side the Three Lights.  Meanwhile, Sailor Galaxia makes it known to Sailor Iron Mouse that she will tolerate no more failures.  Two other Animates await their turn in the shadows.  All the scouts make it to the concert.  Unfortunately for Usagi, she gets off the wrong bus stop and gets to the concert way after it is over.  She runs into Michiru and Haruka just as a fight is about to break out.  Haruka has become jealous that Seiya makes a pass at Michiru.  Sailor Iron Mouse makes a target out the conductor that ran the concert.  The Three Lights and Eternal Sailor Moon defeat the phage just as Sailor Neptune and Uranus show up.  They tell Sailor Moon not to trust the Lights, as they are invaders from outside the Solar System.




Episode 181: “Seiya and Usagi’s Heart Pounding Date!”

Mina attempts yet again to get a movie date with Taiki of the Three Lights, only to fail again.  Makoto mentions she would go, but not after Mina mentions that she wants 1000 yen for the tickets.  As Usagi walks home from school, she runs into Seiya.  He asks her on a date and Usagi fumbles badly at saying no, thus reluctantly saying yes.  Ami notices, but swears she didn’t hear a thing.  Sailor Iron Mouse is doing her best to avoid Sailor Galaxia, but ringing phones keep appearing out of no where.  She picks up and Galaxia says she has one more chance to find a true star seed, but Iron Mouse hangs up before she can give a deadline.  She freaks out even more when she realizes what she’s done.  Usagi and Seiya’s date goes off without a hitch, but Usagi is constantly quiet as she feels this is somehow betraying Mamoru.  She does notice that Seiya is a lot like Mamoru, but comes off a little gentler.  Sailor Iron Mouse attacks the club Seiya and Usagi are at in attempts to get one of the Three Lights Star Seed. Star Fighter makes a possible connection that Usagi might be Sailor Moon.  Sailor Iron Mouse ultimately fails, which results in Sailor Galaxia removing the bracelets that were keeping Iron Mouse alive.




Episode 182: “Invaders from Outer Space.  The Coming of Siren.”

Usagi sends out another letter and gets upset as this is the 30th letter she has sent out to him without him responding.  She briefly thinks of Seiya, but immediately regrets it as she misses Mamoru.  Sailor Galaxia commands two new Animates, Sailor Aluminum Siren and Sailor Lead Crow to collect as many true star seeds as they can find.  So far with the true star seeds she already has, she has taken over about 80% of the galaxy.  The Inner Scouts contemplate their next move when Setsuna arrives and says not to let their guard down, as something has made it’s way into the Solar System and it is more powerful than anything they ever faced.  In the meantime, a small girl falls from space.  She runs into Usagi twice, once on the street and at home.  Her mom berates her, for she seemingly has forgotten all about her little sister Chibi Chibi.  While the scouts assume this might be Usagi and Mamoru’s second child, Sestina appears again and mentions that Chibi Usa is the couples only child.  She says to keep an eye on the child as this is highly suspicious.  Sailor Lead Crow and Aluminum Siren make themselves known to Sailor Moon and Pluto as they attempt to take a star seed.




Episode 183: “The Screaming Dead: Terror of the Camp Monster!”

A pottery artist in the middle of the woods becomes frustrated as everything he seems to make isn’t good enough.  In the midst of destroying another creation, Sailor Aluminum Siren attacks.  His star seed ends up being a dud and she lets his phage wreak havoc in the woods.  The Inner Scouts are making their way to those same woods, as the man who was Sirens target just happens to be Rei’s cousin.  She mentions his slump and hopes that the visit might spark something.  The Three Lights happen to be at the lake resort as well, filming a Power Rangers style show.  As they settle at the cabin, a police officer warns the girls that something has been causing havoc at the lake and to be careful.  Rei goes to her cousins house, only to find it in extreme disarray.  The monster then attacks Rei and Usagi.  The monster seems to recognize the pendant, as Rei tells it not to break it.  Eternal Sailor Moon uses her Moon Therapy Kiss and the monster turns back into Rei’s cousin.







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