Nico Nico Sailor Moon Crystal Announcement


This morning on the Nico Nico website, a Sailor Moon Crystal live stream was broadcast with some announcements in regards to the third season which will be broadcast sometime this spring.  Previous news included the release of the press image up above and that a new director and character designer have joined the production. Not surprisingly though is the fact that the live stream was held on the same day as Haruka / Sailor Uranus’ birthday.  Happy Birthday Sailor Uranus (she’s my favorite, with Sailor Jupiter being a close second).


The major announcement to be made was who was going to play the three Outer Senshi.  The first announcement was introducing the voice actors playing Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.


Junko Minagawa (left) will be playing the voice of Haruka / Sailor Uranus and Sayaka Ohara (right) will be playing Michiru / Sailor Neptune.  Junko has voice acted for shows such as Mahou Sensi Negima, Code Geass, and Loveless as the main character Ristuka. Sayaka has voice acted for shows such as Fairy Tail, Fate/Zero, and Persona 4 the Animation.  Kotono Mitsuishi (center) will be reprising her role as Usagi / Sailor Moon. All the other Inner Scout voice actresses will be returning as well.

The second announcement was the voice actress who will be playing Sailor Saturn.


Voice actress Yukiyo Fujii will be playing Sailor Saturn, the Scout of Silence.  Her voice acting credits include The 2015 Lupin the 3rd anime, Knights of Sidonia, and Log Horizon.

The Death Busters cast has also been announced and are as follows: Hikari Yono (Naruto Shippuden) as Kaolinite, Takuya Kirimoto (Eureka Seven AO) as Professor Tomoe, and Takaya Hashi (Attack on Titan: No Regrets) as Pharaoh 90.  The Witches Five are Yuki Nagaku (Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold) as Mimete, Chiaki Takahashi (School Days) as Eudiel, Rina Hon’izumi (Kyokai no Rinne) as Viluy, Naomi Ozora (The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls) as Tellu, and Umeka Shouji (World Trigger) as Cyprine.

It was also announced that there will be a Sailor Moon art exhibition.


The Exhibition of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon will be held at the Tokyo City View’s Sky Gallery in Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills complex from April 16th to June 19th 2016.  The creator, Naoko Takeuchi will be making new art for the exhibit and the event will also display anime show materials and sell new Sailor Moon character goods.  Lets hope this exhibition makes its way stateside (wishful thinking), or someone goes and gets some pictures!!

Source: Twitter, Anime News Network



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