Moon Day 1/25/2016

Here are your summaries for the two Sailor Moon Sailor Star episodes that were released on Monday, January 25th, on Hulu and Viz’s Neon Alley.

Episode 178: “Luna’s Discovery: The Real Face of Yaten!”

The scouts are running around town frantic.  Luna has been missing for days and not even Artemis knows where she might be.  She hasn’t communicated to anyone, which has them thinking she might be in trouble.  As they pass by a window display, they stop as Mina starts going gaga over Yaten appears on screen.  To everyones shock, Luna also appears, as Yaten’s pet cat!  Later, Luna explains that she stuck between a rock and a hard place through a flashback.  Apparently Yaten had volunteered to appear on a show that showcases celebrities and their pets.  Seiya and Taiki lose the pet that was intended for the show, and happen upon Luna in the process. Eventually, Luna starts human crushing on Yaten (like she did in Sailor Moon Super S the Movie). In a subplot, Yaten’s costar Noriko tries to hit on him, only because he “showed” in interest in cats.  Yaten rejects her twice, wondering why humans act in such a way.  Noriko becomes the next target for Star Seed, and when she is attacked; Yaten’s eyes are open when Luna attacks Sailor Iron Mouse.  Even though Luna was insulted by Noriko, she still saved her.




Episode 179: “Friend or Foe? Star Lights and the Sailor Guardians.”

Haruka and Michiru happen to run into Usagi at the library.  Usagi gets embarrassed as they catch her writing a letter to Mamoru.  As Haruka asks how he is doing, Usagi hesitates.  As they leave, Haruka is very suspicious of Usagi’s answer.  In the meantime, the Three Lights contemplate Eternal Sailor Moon.  Seiya mentions how she somehow resembles the person they are searching for.  While Yaten does not dispute Seiya, he mentions how Eternal Sailor Moon might be useful and how they can use her help.  This conversation makes Taiki extremely upset, yelling at both Yaten and Seiya; accusing them of forgetting their treasured person.  Later on Taiki asks Makoto to assist him on a live cooking show since he has been having some trouble.  Usagi somehow deals her way into it.  After the live show becomes a disaster (mainly because of Usagi), the Chef hosting gets attacked by Sailor Iron Mouse.  Sailor Iron Mouse is frantic, as Sailor Galaxia has given her an ultimatum.  Two in shadows show up as her replacements should she fail.





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