Moon Day 1/18/2016

I know this is a couple days late, but here is the summaries of the two Sailor Moon Sailor Star episodes that came out on Monday January 18th on Hulu and Viz’s Neon Alley.

Episode 176: “Fighter’s Secret Identity: The Shocking Super Transformation!”

The Three Lights are currently practicing for their upcoming musical.  It is not without its setbacks though, as the director claims Seiya is doing everything wrong.  The next day after Usagi notices his frustration on an upcoming math exam, he mentions he hasn’t had time to study because of the musical.  After much protest that Seiya might be held back if he doesn’t pass the exam; Usagi and the others follow the lights to their rehearsal.  They witness the directors blow out on Seiya’s performance.  As the director blames the girls appearance for Seiya’s bad form, Rei recognizes the director as one of the nuns from her school, Sister Angela.  Seiya tries to confront Sister Angela on why she hates him so much at Reis school.  Sister Angela doesn’t hate Seiya, but is frustrated that his performance is lacking.  She mentions when she first saw the Lights in concert, their songs sounded like they were trying to reach someone.  She just doesn’t see that with his musical performance.  After a late rehearsal session, Sister Angela is attacked by Sailor Iron Mouse for her star seed.




Episode 177: “A Star of Dreams and Wishes: Taiki’s Transformation.”

At school, the girls shocked to noticed that both Ami and Taiki from the Three Lights tied for first during recent exams.  Usagi and Mina hope to have Taiki tutor them, only to rip up his notes in the mist of excitement much to his dismay.  This also prompts Ami to wonder why the girls don’t reach out to her for studying anymore.  Ami later runs into Professor Amanogawa.  They’re old friends and he invites her to watch the passing of his comet that discovered years ago.  They invite Taiki as well, only to have him reject the idea as he disagrees with their concept that romanticism and dreams have anything to do with science.  Later that evening as both Taiki and Amanogawa host a show on the comet, it is asked if people become stars when they die.  While Amanogawa agrees, Taiki becomes infuriated by the notion and states that stars come from the power of things that are already living.  Ami gets even more upset as it starts raining and Taiki dismisses a romantic notion by her that the rain will clear the next night for the comet.  Sailor Iron Mouse targets the Professor for his star seed, only to become disappointed that the handsome picture she found of him was 20 years old.





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