I Don’t… Wait Wha…..

Hello everyone.  The Moon day post will come up later tonight after this one.  It’s been a busy week at my work, but fear not!  More posts will be on the way.  Have some really cool ones in store for you all, especially since next week yours truly will be on VACATION!!!  So with nine days off and oodles of time to get stuff out, I will spare no expense. Sorry, just had to fit a nerd reference in.

Anyway, be warned of the following: RANT AHEAD!

When I started this blog, I tried to come up with a good name that wasn’t already used and would reflect what I was trying to go for.  So what came to fruition was a play on the title of the Robin Williams movie “Good Morning Vietnam,” and then replacing Vietnam with Otaku.

Otaku is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, especially in Anime and Manga fandom.  At first the term was deemed very negative, as it was associated with social awkwardness and people who were to become social outcasts.  What didn’t help it was in 1989, a man named Tsumoto Miyazaki was dubbed the “Otaku Murderer” after he killed four girls and his apartment was found riddled with Anime and Slash films.

Nowadays the term has gotten better treatment and is not seen as a very negative term.  Fans here in the West have adopted the term as a substitute for “Geek” or “Nerd” especially when it comes to those who like Anime.

Well, leave it to Politics to smear any positivity when it comes to a said subject and Anime unfortunately a few days ago, was not exempt from the negativity I am about to show you.

I came upon a tweet a couple days ago from one of the people I follow, Frank Conniff (of MST3K fame).  This is what it said.

So as I furthered in my research to find where this quote came from, I did manage to find something on Anime New Networks site. So a MSN Republican GOP strategist had basically smeared an entire group of fans with what he said.  The clip is below.

My reaction:


Now I won’t fault him by lumping me in as a Trump supporter.  I am absolutely 100% NOT a Trump supporter (for many reasons I will not get into, that’s for another time and place), but he doesn’t know that.  But what I don’t like is assuming all Anime fans are “Childless single men who masturbate to Anime.”  If he wanted to get technical about it, he should just done his research (as one would hope a strategist might do), and said, “Childless single men who masturbate to Hentai (Anime Porn).”

Soooooooooooooo, thanks Mr. GOP Strategist for thinking I just sit at home, doing unpleasant things as I watch my Anime.  For that, you get one of these:


Source: Anime News Network, Wikipedia


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