Moon Day 1/11/2016

Blog post number 100!!  Sorry it’s a moon day post, but I will be planning to do a couple cool blogs in celebration on reaching 100.  I can say I am happy on committing to 100 posts.  The last blog I had on Tumbler I don’t think I reached 100, and if I did; it was mostly reposts from other blogs.  Tumbler was okay and it was kind of a blog where I posted any and everything.  And since I was posting just about everything it got little traffic.  Wordpress is just more professional looking and since I am keeping to a subject I absolutely love, I have been getting more traffic!  Thanks to those who are currently following and others who have liked any posts so far.  I will be posting a few different blogs over the next couple weeks in celebration of reaching 100!!  Now onto the summaries for the two Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episodes released on Hulu and Viz’s streaming services this week.

Episode 174: “A School Storm: The Transfer Students Are Idols.”

Usagi writes a letter to Mamoru.  While she professes how much she misses him, she claims she is not alone; for she has the Scouts to hang out with.  She also mentions their obsessions with the Three Lights, a new J-Pop band that’s been becoming popular in the last few months.  The Scouts start separating into their respective high school clubs.  Makoto wants to join the cooking club, but gets guilt tripped into the sports club.  Ami has joined the computer club and Minako the volleyball club.  Usagi goes home as she has yet to find a club to join.  She haphazardly bums into Seiya, one of the Three lights.  The scene is almost an homage to the first time Usagi met Mamoru, even to the point of Seiya calling her “Odango” (bun head).  The next day at school the girls notices a crowd outside school.  The big news is the Three Lights are now transfer students at their High School.  Meanwhile, Sailor Iron Mouse is called downstairs by the “Manager,” who is none other than Sailor Galaxia.  She mentions how they need to find the perfect Star Seed to begin her invasion of Earth.  Sailor Iron Mouse’s target ends up being the captain of the high school football team.




Episode 175: “Becoming an Idol! Minako’s Ambition.”

Minako becomes a personal assistant to the Three Lights to help her ambitions into becoming a pop idol.  As she caters to their tight schedule, she ends up meeting a photographer named Saki, who has been hired to take pictures of the Three Lights as part of “catching them doing natural things” project.  We get a first glimpse of Yaten’s less than stellar, mean attitude.  Minako also gets annoyed, even to a point as to defend the Three Lights after they have been running around ragged on their tight schedule.  Saki explains to Minako that a pop idols time does not always go on schedule or is done after the bell rings.  It goes until people are finished with what they need from them.  It opens Minako’s eyes as to what it really means to become an Idol.  Saki becomes the next target of Sailor Iron Mouse.  After being rescued by the Starlights and returning Saki to normal, Eternal Sailor Moon tries to get their attention, but they disappear before she can get to them.  Minako decides to become an Idol her own way instead of hanging on the coat tails of the Three Lights.






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