Moon Day 1/4/2016

Wow, I actually remembered to write 2016!!  Usually what happens every year is I end up writing the previous year for weeks before I get it right.  Now onto the synopsis for the two Sailor Moon Sailor Stars episodes that aired yesterday on Hulu and Viz’s Neon Alley.

Episode 172: “Moon Power of Love: The Nightmare Ends.”

Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Saturn turn up at Queen Nehelania’s throne room ahead of all the scouts.  Sailor Chibi Moon repeatedly calls out to Mamoru, know that if he doesn’t break out of the curse, she will disappear; and so will 30th century Tokyo.  At one point, Mamoru does seem to be struggling to break free.  Nehelania sees this and reenforces the curse.  Saturn threatens to use her Silent Glaive to defeat Nehelania. Nehelania knows though that if Saturn uses it, they both die.  As Saturn is about unleash her power, Chibi Usa stops her, saying she doesn’t want Saturn to die again; and to believe in the Prince and Princess.  Usagi arrives just in time to see Sailor Chibi Moon disappear, but not before Chibi Usa tells her that she believes in her.  As Nehelania attacks Usagi, Usagi pities her instead of hating all she has done to everyone.  This breaks the spell on Mamoru and breaks the Scouts free of their mirror prisons.  Eternal Sailor Moon and the Scouts offer Nehelania support as she realizes that all she ever wanted was friends and the warmth friendship provides.  Nehelania is then reborn and starts her life anew.




Episode 173: “Farewells and Encounters: The Transitioning Stars of Destiny.”

This episode starts the official story arc of Sailor Stars, where as the last few episodes were tying up loose ends from Super S.  The opening sequence now has the Sailor Starlights revealed and the main villain of the show, Sailor Galaxia, makes an appearance.  The episode starts with the introduction of the Three Lights, a popular J-Pop band.  As the Scouts talk about the Lights, Usagi barely contributes to the conversation.  They find out that Mamoru is going overseas to the United States to study.  He would be gone for one year.  Everyone is bummed, especially since Chibi Usa had returned to 30th century Tokyo a short time ago.  Usagi sees Mamoru off at the airport, but not before bumping into the Star Light Seiya.  Sailor Galaxia attacks Mamoru’s plan.  All the lights sense the passengers Star Seeds go out, and know that have to find their person of interest quickly.  Usagi and friends go to a TV shoot where the Lights are filming their TV show.  One of the actresses gets attacked by a Scout named Sailor Iron Mouse.  The actresses star seed turns black, thus turning her into a Phage. Eternal Sailor Moon shows up to battle and does not want to hurt the transformed actress.  The Sailor Starlights appear and attack.  Eternal Sailor Moon manages to return the actress back into her original form.





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