Moon Day 12/28/15

Hello fellow moonies.  Here is you synopsis for the two Sailor Moon Sailor Star episodes that were released yesterday December 28th on Hulu and Viz’s Neon Alley.

Episode 170: “Night of Destiny: The Sailor Guardians Ordeal.”

Queen Nehelania has disappeared in the darkness of her mirror with Mamoru in her arms.  She mentions that if they do not save by the dawn the next day, his heart is hers forever. After she is gone, Sailor Chibi Moon starts to flash.  Her sailor guise disappears and she faints.  The scouts return to Rei’s temple to discuss their next strategy.  Haruka mentions that the future will change and forever be altered if Mamoru is lost to them.  With no King or Queen in the future, Chibi Usa will cease to exist.  Usagi is a wreak but determined to save both Mamoru and Chibi Usa.  Her tears fall on her compact, allowing her to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon without the help of the other Scouts.  Rei sees what she is trying to do, and tries to stop her.  Eternal Sailor Moon flies away to confront Nehelania.  All the scouts including Chibi Usa transform and use the Sailor Teleport to follow after her.  Nehelania manages to separate all the Scouts after they teleport.  Uranus and Mercury confront her first.  While they manage to defeat her dolls, they are captured in Nehelania’s Mirrors.




Episode 171: “For Love: The Endless Battle in the Dark World.”

Sailor Neptune and Sailor Mars are confronted by an illusion of Queen Nehelania.  Nehelania puts forth many illusions at them, and Mars seems saddened that Neptunes intuition may be better than hers.  In a moment of truth, it’s Mars intuition that saves Neptune.  But since both of them used too much power, they pass out into their mirror prisons.  Sailors Pluto and Venus are attacked by many dolls.  Pluto tells Venus to flee while she takes care of the ever growing army.  Venus is torn, not wanting to leave Pluto alone and being the one to take the initiative to save the Princess and Prince.  In the end, Venus saves Pluto but both of them end up falling into their mirror prisons shortly thereafter.  Jupiter is the only scout that manages to get to Usagi, who up until this point has been brainwashed into Nehelania’s dreamland; forever forgetting the reason why she is there.  It is only after Jupiters sacrifice and a rose appears does she get released from her daydream.  While she tries to find Nehelanias chamber, Chibi Usa and Saturn manage to get ahead of her.





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