Sailor Moon Crystal Star Prop Replica

My husband Brad and I exchanged gifts early considering we both work (me on Christmas Eve and him Christmas day).  While I had an idea what I was going to get on Christmas, I was quite surprised on receiving this.


Having seen this in Los Angeles at the Anime Jungle store and being an Uber Sailor Moon fan, I knew I had to have it.  When Sailor Moon started picking up steam in 1997 (when I was about a junior in high school and with the success of Pokemon bringing anime to the forefront), we unfortunately never had many collectables of this caliber.  And most Sailor Moon collectibles then were only available in Japan.  There were not enough websites back then to order any of them.  And if you could find something, more than likely you couldn’t afford it.


The box is really nice, with a lot of nice gold and color inlays.  The first part is a slipcase, with the inner box opening in three ways.


Here’s a video I took that shows how the compact works.  It was two modes, Mode A or “red,” and Mode B or “blue.”  What’s on the video is it on “blue” mode.  Each mode has two functions.  When you do a short press on Mode A, it gives the Transformation melody with Sailor Moons voice.  A long press in Mode A plays Sailor Moon’s entrance melody.  When you do a short press in Mode B, it gives a short melody.  A long press in Mode B plays the Transformation melody without Sailor Moons voice.


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