Meet Yuna

As a kid growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, there were limited dolls that one can choose from.  While I tended to veer towards Rainbow Bright and She Ra, my sister had Barbies.  The only problem is that Barbie was everywhere…  When I got older, my motto was the one you tended to see on peoples license plate borders: “I hate Barbie, that bitch has everything.”

And don’t get me started on the dolls they carry today.  Barbie still exists, but is now joined by Bratz and Monster High; both which I find quite horrific.  Bratz and Monster High dolls are all way too skinny, so skinny they’re borderline skeletal.  Bratz doll faces look like they go to their Beverly Hills plastic surgeon every week for collagen lip injections.  And the clothes?  Lets just say when I was there age, if my mother caught me with clothes like that, it was back to my room to change or I was never to see the light of day again.

So in a world where there is a ton of pink, princesses, leopard prints, high heels, too many short dresses, and lots of blonde; is there any hope for girls like me who love comic books, anime, and other geeky things?  The answer is yes.  Yes there is hope. And hope comes in this doll.


This is Yuna and she is the brain child (pun intended) of Ugly Doll creators David Horvath and Sun Min.  They hope to create a line of dolls that will include Yuna and numerous friends from all walks of life that are more normal and less “Barbie-ish.”


According to the Nerdists, she made her debut at Pasadena’s DesignerCon in November, and is currently on Kickstarter to gather costs for tooling and production of these dolls.  The Kickstarter has about 10 days left for funding and needs at least $175,000 for it to launch.  Right now, the number stands at around $68,000.


There are 11 tiers you can choose from to donate.  Between $5 to $20 gets you various paper goods like calendars, buttons, and postcards. From $40 and up you not only get all the previously mentioned items, but you are guaranteed a Yuna doll by October 2016 if the project successfully launches along with other doll goodies.

What’s so great about this doll and why I might actually fund this project is this doll is more down to earth and into very geeky things.  Here are some more promo pictures with a brief description from the Kickstarter site.




“Yuna is a girl with big dreams.  She hopes to establish her own rocket company some day, because she has big plans to be the first girl on Mars.  It’s her destiny.  Her main loves are rockets, photography, painting, and drawing.  She also likes die cast Japanese toys, K-Pop music, digital cameras from Akihabara, and hanging out at Giant Robot on Sawtelle Street.  She is usually followed by her cat, Kamata.”

I am going to keep watch over the next couple days on this project.  I really hope this doll line launches.  In this day in age where girls are into more than just princesses and pink, it’s a nice change.  I wish I had had a doll like this when I was a kid.  I probably would’ve gravitated to this more.  Here’s hoping this Kickstarter will launch.  I have provided a link below for those who want to donate.

Source: The Nerdists, Kickstarter

All photos are copyright of Dream Big Friends.


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