Moon Day 12/21/2015

So excited as Sailor Moon Sailor Stars has officially started!!!  Here are your summaries for the two episodes released yesterday on Hulu, and Viz’s Neon Alley.

Episode 168: “Saturn Awakens. The Ten Guardians Unite!”

Usagi and Mamoru go out on a date for the first time in weeks since the defeat of the Dead Moon Circus.  While Usagi is her usual bubbly self, Mamoru seems distant; and just agrees with everything she says.  Her balloon triggers the sunlight to reflect into his right eye which contains one of Nehelania’s mirror shards.  He swats the balloon away, causing Usagi to freak out.  Mamoru then leaves, claiming he just needs to rest.  Meanwhile, the Outer Scouts make a home for themselves as Hotaru grows.  Hotoru grants another vision of the Moon, which then gets surrounded by black energy.  When it disappears, Hotoru mentions again that danger is approaching the Princess.  Sailor Saturns spirit comes to Hotoru in the night and after scaring an image of Nehelania away; she awakens Hotoru’s memories as the Scout of Silence.  The Outer Scouts join the Inners during an attack by some more of Nehelania’s mirror dolls.  When the Scouts combine their powers, Super Sailor Moon powers up to Eternal Sailor Moon.  In the end, Mamoru becomes obsessed with mirrors, as Nehelania whispers that he belongs to her.




Episode 169: “The Cursed Mirror.  Mamoru Caught in a Nightmare.”

The Outer Scouts catch a news report that a mysterious illness is being spread throughout the city.  It seems to have two things in common: lack of energy and it involves mirrors.  Hotoru senses evil coming and Michiru catches a vision of Mamoru inside her mirror talisman.  Usagi and Makoto investigate the “illness” at their school and notice everyone is acting strange near mirrors.  Usagi tears a compact mirror out of classmates hand and nearly gets attacked by dark energy.  Makoto manages to break it.  Usagi makes a connection between the “illness” and Mamoru, so she decides to check on him.  As she enters his apartment, she notices mirrors everywhere.  When she attempts to shake him out of his stupor, she accidentally steps on and breaks a mirror.  This flies him into a rage.  The Scouts arrive at the apartment as well, only to be attacked by more dolls.  Nehelania kidnaps Mamoru through a mirror as Sailor Moon is stuck on the other side.






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