Charity Removes Pokemon Toys

According to Anime News Network, a charity organization known as “Samaritans Purse” sent out more than 2.4 million shoe boxes full of toys to kids for Christmas.  But that’s not before they weeded out the toys considered by them “inappropriate.”  Those toys: anything from the magical world of Harry Potter and Nintendo’s smash hit Pokemon.

The organization’s statement didn’t give a direct reason as to why they have a conflict with both titles, only to explain that others might have conflicting views with it if the toys were sent out.

While it is well known why most Christian organizations have been out to ban Harry Potter (for those who don’t, it’s mostly because they think the books will teach children occultism and witchcraft), the reason Pokemon got the boot was because of the fact that the game supports the idea of Evolution.

While it’s true that Pokemon “evolve” in the game, it’s a fictitious world and anything in it is subject to interpretation. Even though science has proven that Evolution has happened in one form or another, the game is not real and if parents are worried about what their kids might think, they can always say “it’s fake.”

In all fairness though, the organization is doing good by donating toys to needy kids.  But in the same note, those same kids might’ve asked for something from Harry Potter or Pokemon, only to get denied because a few offended folks.  Besides, who can deny the cuteness known as Pikachu?




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