Moon Day 12/14/2015

Yesterday was a phenomenal day to be a Sailor Moon fan, as Viz kept their promise to air the first episode of Sailor Stars yesterday after the final episode of the Sailor Moon Super S season.  Plenty of fans like yours truly had a “I’m not crying, you’re crying” moment as the opening credits rolled and we all posted to Twitter.  So without further ado, here are you summaries for the last Super S episode and the first Sailor Stars episode.

Episode 166: “Dreams Forever: Fill the Heavens with Light!”

Sailor Moon and Chibi Usa successfully use the powers of peoples dreams to activate the Golden Crystal to blast Queen Nehelania in golden light.  In the process, the platform they stand on breaks away from the broken circus; heading for the moon in the midst of its Black Eclipse.  Chiba Usa is unconscious from having used the power of the Golden Crystal.  Queen Nehelania proceeds to tell Sailor Moon that she knows that she is the Princess of the White Moon Kingdom.  She also proceeds to tell the story on how she was a Queen in her own right around the same time as her mother Queen Serenity.  She uses a mirror to ask and see if she will be beautiful forever.  As the mirror reveals that she will grow old, she uses dark magic to steal the dream mirrors of her subjects in order to keep her beauty and immortality.  In a move to make Sailor Moon suffer as she had, she throws Chibi Usa’s unconscious body over the edge of the platform.  In a move that even surprises the Queen, Sailor Moon plunges after her, claiming she won’t let Nehelania win.  As the two moons free fall, Nehelania is glad to be locked up in her mirror again, as she retains her youthful appearance.  Sailor Moon and Chibi Usa are rescued by Helios and he returns to Elysium.





Episode 167: “The Flower of Nightmares Scatters: The Queen of Darkness Returns.”

After a peaceful break, Usagi and the Scouts have finally made it into High School.  Today they planned to see Chibi Usa off as she returns to 30th Century Crystal Tokyo.  Meanwhile, a voice awakens Queen Nehelania from her slumber.  She breaks her from her mirror prison and reveals to her that the Princess and Chibi Usa from the White Kingdom have survived their fall in the previous battle.  She encourages the Queen to break her Dream Mirror, and the shards will reign down on earth, causing the humans to go into a panic.  As Chibi Usa tries to return to the future, the shards disrupt the portal; causing it to close.  Mamoru gets a shard caught in his eye.  At the city Aquarium, Michiru and Haruka take notice of the shower, and are then attacked by Nehelania dolls.  Sailor Pluto appears with the baby Hotaru and briefly explains that a dark force is invading Earth.  In the battle, the symbol of Saturn appears on Hotaru’s forehead and her powers upgrade the Outer Scouts into the Super Sailor Outfits.  As the battle is over, the Outers notice Hotoru has grown to a child of three or four.  She announces that a dark shadow is approaching the Princess.








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