Secret Tokyo

In the past couple months, Adult coloring books have risen in popularity.  I almost find it amusing, as being an artist I color most of the time and mostly for fun.  So amongst all the many coloring books that have been pushed out by publishers, there is one for those who love Japan and mainly it’s city of Tokyo.


It’s called Secret Tokyo and it covers many aspects of Tokyo.  Some pages are just objects, such as fans, kimonos, and dolls.


Others display parts of the city, such as Tokyo Tower, various shrines, and shopping areas.


Once of the most awesome pages was one I could not find online, but there is one page that is dedicated to Sailor Moon, as it features various cosplay items such as boots, moon wands, and tiaras.

So if you love coloring and Japan, this is a great coloring book.  I will be picking one up myself.  Happy coloring.

All coloring pages copyright of Hatchette Book Group.


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