Moon Day 12/07/2015

So excited as there is one more week until season 5, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars will finally have its debut here in America.  Viz announced that it will break from its usual format of starting the new season the week following the end of the previous season, and start with the first episode next week after the end of Sailor Moon Super S.  Technically the first quarter of Sailor Stars wraps up the storyline of the scouts fight with Queen Nehelenia which cliff hangs at the end of Super S.

With that note, here are your summaries for this weeks streaming episodes found on Hulu and Viz’s Neon Alley.

Episode 164: “The Golden Crystal Appears! Nehelania’s Magic.”

As the cat guardians watch over Mamoru, they recount a legend of an evil queen who tried to destroy the Moon Kingdom, but was sealed away by the Silver Millennium’s Queen Serenity.  Meanwhile, at the Circus the Amazon Quartet recount how they found the mirror that imprisoned Queen Nehelania while playing in the Amazon.  It is there Nehelania gives them their orbs of power so they stay forever young and have dreams.  Should they break, the spell is broken.  Queen Nehelania forces Helios to come out of Chibi Moons dream mirror and this unites the pegasus illusion with his body.  In the meantime, the scouts face Zirconia with help from the Amazon Quartet.  Zirconia is destroyed by Queen Nehelania for her numerous failings once she is in possession of the Golden Crystal.



Episode 165: “When the Crystal Shines. The Beautiful Power of Dreams.”

The scouts rush to an unconscious Chibi Moon after Queen Nehelania breaks out of her mirror prison.  The city of Tokyo is now covered in webs and the Dead Moon’s circus army has descended.  They are shocked as the Queen reveals she is in possession of the Golden Crystal.  As they try and battle the Queen, Mamoru enters the land of dreams and encounters Helios.  Helios awakens memories on Mamoru’s past life and his trips to the temple.  He also explains why he protected the Golden Crystal on Earth.  With this, Helios uses his powers to awaken the unconscious Chibi Moon.  The Amazon Quartet help the Scouts by switching the Golden Crystal with a pineapple and handing it to Sailor Moon.  Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon harness its power by drawing from peoples dreams.  It’s begins to spark and blasts its way towards Nehelania.




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