Moon Day 11/23/15 and 11/30/15

Here is the blog for the four Sailor Moon Super S episodes released last week for November 23rd and this week November 30th.  After that, the last 3 episodes will air and we will finally mark the official US release of the final season of Sailor Moon; Sailor Moon Sailor Stars.  Now off to the summaries.

Episode 160: “Dream to Be an Adult. The Amazoness’ Confusion.”

Minako convinces the other scouts to volunteer at the Juban Civic Center where it will be hosting a Coming of Age Ceremony.  Zirchonia sends the Amazon Quartet there as well, as a way to try and find the Golden Mirror in one swoop considering the amount of people showing up.  The Scouts and the Quartet become quick friends; unknowning that they are each others enemies.  The Quartet confronts the scouts about dreams and become immediately digusted that all their dreams involve entering adulthood.  They say childhood dreams are better and should never be given up in place of adult ones.



Episode 161: “Terror in Motion: The Dark Queens Evil Hand.”

Queen Nehelania attempts to break out of her mirror after much fustration with Zirchonia’s failings.  While she manages to get a hand out, the sun from the outside burns her.  In her anger, she starts spreading spider webs around the city.  As the Scouts get confused as to why spiders as showing up this late in winter, unknowingly to them Mamoru is slowly becoming weaked by every thread that is released. As Chibi Usa notices the city completly cover in webs, Pegasus informs her that time is running out and he needs to find the person who can wield the Golden crystal.  As he attempts to leave, Chibi Usa begs for him to stay; and that she will help find this person.  Later on, Ami finds the source of where the webs are coming from, and all points to the circus.  The Scouts confront the four girls they met in the previous episode, only to reveal each others secret identities.  At the end of battle, Mamoru succumbs to effects of the webs.  Pegasus appears, warning the Scouts that it is not time to confront the Circus.



Episode 162: “The Source of Darkness: Dead Moon Circus.”

As Pegasus appears, he warns it is not time to confront the circus yet without the Golden Crystal. He reveals himself as Helios, priest of Earth and explains that the Dead Moon Circus was locked away, but the discarded dreams of humans have allowed them to break free.  The scouts are shocked as it is come to light that Chibi Usa knew of Pegasus’s secrets this whole time without telling them.  Pegasus makes it known she had no choice but to keep his secret.  He explains that since Mamoru is connnected with Earth as it’s Prince and protector; he too will suffer the effects.  Tuxedo Mask stays behind, unable to fight.  The scouts invade the circus, and Queen Nehalenia makes the connection that Sailor Chibi Moon is the bearer of the Golden Mirror.  Zirchonia attacks and reveals the mirror. Chibi Moon is then swallowed up by a mirror, unable to escape.



Episode 163: “Labyrinth of Mirrors. Chibi Moon Captured!”

Chibi Moon’s mirrow prison disappears along with the Amazon Quartet.  Chibi Moon notices a man tied up above her in and when her Crystal orb appears, his horn glows.  She then makes the connection that the man tied up is Helios / Pegasus.  Queen Nehalenia appears and proceeds to tell her a story about a dark queen who lived on a lonely planet overlooking the Earth and the Moon.  The queen hears a story about a Golden Crystal and goes to Earth to find it.  She finds that the Crystal is guarded by a boy named Helios.  Helios refuses the Queen the crystal, saying the crystal won’t work as her thoughts were impure.  As she tries to attack the boy, Queen Serenity hears of it and imprisons her.  The Scouts manuver a maze in order to find Chibi Moon, only to almost succumb to their fears generated by the mirrors.  The Quartet get bored and attempt to make Pegasus their own.  After seeing Chibi Moon selflessly save him, they have doubt if they are on the winning side.






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