Moon Day 11/09/15

I know this is a few days late, but here is you Sailor Moon Super S summaries for November 9th.  It can be found streaming on both Hulu and Viz’s Neon Alley.

Episode 156: “Don’t Lose Sight of Your Dreams: The Mirror Of Truth.”

Chibi Usa spends the afternoon drawing Usagi’s portrait for class.  Of course Usagi hates it because it looks too goofy.  Later on, they see an artist in the park painting a ladies portrait.  They witness a nasty exchange, as the woman claims that the portrait looks nothing like her.  Usagi and Chibi Usa interject, saying the portrait is perfect and she just cannot see it.  As they argument escalates, the artist tells he she doesn’t have to pay.  The woman ends up leaving without the painting and without paying the artist.  Both Usagi and Chibi Usa fell terrible, afraid they had cost him a client.  He thanks thems instead, saying he cannot paint lies that people think about themselves.  Zirchonica tags the artist as a target and Ceres Ceres volunteers, hoping to get a free painting out of it.  She eventually gets a look at his mirror, only to be disgusted by it.  It is tarnished due to his dream being corrupted by painting a portrait of Ceres Ceres based on a lie.

058    252

Episode 157: “Pegasus Disappears: Wavering Friendship.”

Chibi Usa and her friends witness a kid from their neighboring classroom try to fly a contraption, only to fall in the lake below.  His name is Hiroki and his dream is to eventually make his invention fly.  They offer to help, but he feels that his dream is his own, and that he an do it himself.  Chibi Usa mentions it to Pegasus and he mentions how he wants to see it, consisdering he cannot leave the dream world.  The next day, Chibi Usa takes the Dream Orb with her so Pegasus can see Hiroki’s progress. He is still having trouble getting off the ground.  But this time he accepts the help of the others to make it work.  Later on, Chibi Usa poses the question on why Pegasus hasn’t told anything about himself when he knows everything about her.  Pegasus says he cannot tell her, that it would be dangerous.  As she presses the issue, he tells her that if she does not have faith and trust in him, they cannot be friends.  The Orb disappears.  Meanwhile, Hiroki becomes the next target for a dream mirror, and Ves Ves takes the assignment.

152   262


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