Moon Day 11/2/2015

Here is the summaries for both last week and this weeks Moon Day for the classic Sailor Moon Super S episodes streaming on Neon Alley and Hulu.  There has also been a bit of news in regards to the release of the 2nd half of Sailor Moon R on blu ray and DVD.  I haven’t gone out and bought it yet, as the news comes in form of a sound issue on one of the discs.  Until Viz makes an announcement on when replacements discs will be made, I will be holding off on it until then.

As of tomorrows Moon Day, we will only be eleven episodes away from season five!

Episode 152: “Flames of Passion: Mars’s Raging Super Attack!”

Usagi and Chibi Usa are out shopping until they notice Rei (Sailor Mars) on the front cover of a popular magazine.  Rei explains a reporter came to do an article about the shrine, but when they realized how multi-talented Rei was; they focused more of the article on her.  As a result, the shrine has seen more traffic, and it boosts Rei’s dreams on becoming more than just a shrine maiden.  One of the customers, Nanako, gushes to Rei and claims she too wants to become a shrine maiden.  Nanako becomes the next target for the Golden Mirror.  Ves Ves is given the mission.  After a misunderstanding between Rei and Nanako, Nanako is attacked.  This episode is the first we see Mars’s new attack, the Mars Flame Sniper.

219    364

Episode 153: “Dentist of Horror? Palla Palla’s House.”

Queen Nehelenia is growing very impatient with Zirconia’s progress, and says they must find the Golden Mirror immediately. Zirconia takes out her frustrations on the Amazon Quartet, only to be laughed at when her pet fails to find a target.  Amongst the distraction, Zirconia notices Palla Palla playing with a dentsist doll set.  She manages to convince Palla Palla to take up a mission to find the Golden Mirror by playing with her dolls.  Palla Palla sets up a fake dentist office in town and makes sure all the kids in the area are visiting via fake cavities.  Meanwhile Usagi and Chibi Usa get their own set of real cavities after not brushing after eating sweets.  This episode is an homage to the Sailor Moon manga short story “Chibi Usa’s Picture Diary: Chapter 3, Beware of Cavities,” with Palla Palla replacing the Loci villian and Sailor V’s apperance being absent.

090    235

Episode 154: “Confrontation of Dreams! Minako and Makoto’s Broken Friendship.”

Usagi and friends are volunteering at the local kindergarden when principal, Mr. Hojo; catches the eyes of Minako (Sailor Venus) and Makoto (Sailor Jupiter).  Minako tries her hardest to impress, only to lose out to Makoto as she and Mr. Hojo connect with a conversation about flowers.  Meanwhile, Zirconia gives the Amazon Quartet their next target, which happens to be Mr. Hojo.  After some bickering, Cere Cere uses a hypnotic flower to put the others out and takes the mission for herself.  During another fundraiser at the school, when disaster happens between Minako and Makoto; Makoto proclaims that they are no longer friends.  When Cere Cere attacks Mr. Hojo, Makoto and Minako put aside their fued and unleash their new attacks; Jupiter’s Oak Evolution, and Venus’ Love and Beauty Shock.

115    224

Episode 155: “Over the Fear! Jump to Freedom!”

Chibi Usa’s school is getting ready for a sports festival which is somehow making her depressed.  Her friend Kyuusuke tries to get her to stay after school to help, but she leaves.  As Usagi and the others run into her, she says that she is in the competition for the vaulting horse; but is afraid she might mess it up.  It is also shown that Kyuusuke makes fun of her for it, only to let the audience know that he is just as scared as she is.  Jun Jun has been given him as a target.  As she watches him practice, she shows him how to do it.  He begs her to become his coach, which she agrees to help in hopes to get his mirror.

059    139


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