Sanrio Sad Egg is Just… What the….?

Over the past few months visting Sanrio stores or other stores carrying their products a few weird characters have caught my eye.  First is Kirimi Chan. Kirimi Chan is a piece of salmon.  Yes, salmon….


But he is actually going to be saved for another article.  He’s just the character who placed the number one spot in a recent Sanrio poll in Japan.  His 2nd place rival is what this article is about, and his popularity is soaring.

Meet Gudetama, or “sad egg.”


His name translates with first part “Gude,” meaning someone or something with no energy or strength, almost to the point of lazy; and “Tama” from the word “Tamago” which means egg in Japanese.  He is so popular that even his own merchandise procedes him.  He has his own Twitter account (which can be found @gudetama_sanrio), which boasts at least 55,000 followers and it’s growing.  Even his profile comment shows his unmotivation and sad attitude, which reads “I really don’t feel like tweeting everyday. It’s such a bother. I’ll do it because the higher-ups tell me to, but I know I’m only going to be eaten in the end.”  His account posts various pictures of the lazy egg, each with less than motivational sayings.  Here an example:


The kanji reads, “No, no, I can’t do it anymore….”

He has spawned his own web animated series, which are only a minute long, but show how meh he really is.  They even have a catchy diddi for little kids to sing along to.

He’s even been showning up in food, as pictured below.



Which leads into what I really wrote this article for.  It was for the little grossness they put Gutetama through.  As posted by the Nerdists, a restaurant in Hong Kong has started serving Gutetama dumplings, each with a little something extra…… If you squeeze the front end, bright yellow custard vomits out of poor Gutetama’s mouth.  Squeeze from the other end, and well…..  We’ll let the video show you.

So there you have it.  Sanrio is the king of cute, but sometimes it just gets too weird……..

Source: The Nerdists, Rocket News 24


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