Moon Day 10/19/2015

Here are your synopsis for the classic Sailor Moon Super S episodes that aired today on Hulu and Viz’s Neon Alley.

Episode 150: “A New Nightmare: Amazoness! The Nightmare Behind the Mirror.”

Zirchonia receives word from Queen Nehelania that she has going about the search for Pegasus all wrong.  Instead of looking inside beautiful dreams to find Pegasus, Pegasus’ host dream mirror border will be gold to match his horn; a symbol that the host is his carrier.  At the arcade, Chibi Usa and her friend Momo see an advertisement for the Dead Moon Circus.  As her and Usagi beg Mamoru to take them, a group of four girls playing games mention that growing up is stupid and that it’s best to stay a child.  The four turn out to be the Amazon Quartet, which includes Cere Cere the Master of Flowers, Palla Palla the Ball rider, Jun Jun the Acrobat, and Ves Ves the Beast Tamer.  They are more defient that the Trio ever was, and Zirchonia fears their strength.  She also fears they might take the power of the Golden Crystal for themselves.  Mom becomes their first target for the Golden Dream Mirror.

109    334

Episode 151: “Heartfelt Melody: True Power Explodes! Ami’s Song of the Heart!”

Ami is writing lyrics to music of one of her favorite composers, Toshiyuki.  The Amazon Quartet try to full around with Zirchonia’s pet.  When Zirchonia appears to save the eye, as a result, the eye’s picture of their next target turns out static as a result.  Palla Palla use her cue ball to figure out the picture, which then gives them a musical clue.  Ami then encounters Toshiyuki and he invites the scouts to his studio.  Ves Ves gets a tip off by his music and follows.  She attacks Toshiyuki at the studio, and this prompts Sailor Mercury to follow her inner scout.  We then see her Super transformation sequence for the first time, and then her new attack, Mercury Aqua Rhapsody.  It’s enough to weaken the lemur, who is then defeated by Sailor Moon’s Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

294    330


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