Moon Day 10/12/2015

Here is your Moon day episodes for October 12th now streaming on Hulu and Viz’s Neon Alley.  As of today, we are only 17 episodes (9 weeks) away from season five, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars!!

Episode 148: “Shadow of Evil: The Trio’s Last Chance.”

While the Amazon contemplate what would happen if they were to fail again, Zirchonia’s pet chooses the next target for a dream mirror.  The target is now Mamoru (Tuxedo Mask).  Fish Eye jumps immediately onto the assignment.  Fish eye tries to flirt with Mamoru at a pet store before being confronted by Usagi.  Later on, Fish Eye begs Mamoru in explaining why he would be with a girl like Usagi.  His response is that Usagi is full of dreams.  We get a brief glimpse of the Amazon Quartet, awaiting in the shadows for their turn to find Pegasus.  The Amazon Trio get a scolding from Queen Nehelenia, letting them know that the spell that’s keeping them in human form will go away at the next cresent moon unless they find the Golden Crystal that Pegasus is harboring.  Fish Eye fails in finding Pegasus in Mamoru’s dream.  Usagi finds her later, saying romantic rivals shouldn’t get wet in the rain.

096    277

Episode 149: “Mirrors of Dreams: The Amazons Last Stage.”

While drying off at Usagi’s house, Fish Eye and Usagi discuss dreams; and at one point in the conversation, Usagi’s comments make him realize that she is in fact Sailor Moon.  Usagi’s mom calls her to do in errand, and in the process of sneaking around, Fish Eye sees Chibi Usa talking with Pegasus. Fish Eye then kidnaps Chibi Usa. Back at the circus, Zirchonia knows that Pegasus might be hiding with Usagi as her pet has been spying on Fish Eye.  She sends Hawks Eye to get her dream mirror and hands him a sphere that will retain their forms with getting the Golden Crystal.  The Amazon Quartet sends out a lemur to finish off the Trio.  In the process of fighting with the Lemur, Usagi’s mirror gets smashed.  Tigers Eye sacrifices the sphere that keeps them human to repair it.  In the end, Pegasus gives the Trio dream mirrors and hides them away in his dream forest.

002    245


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