Moon Day 10/5/2015

A couple days late, but here are your summaries for the recent classic Sailor Moon SuperS episodes which started streaming this past Monday October 5th, on Hulu and Neon Alley.

Episode 146: “Juban Holiday.  A Carefree Princess.”

Luna and Diana are watching the news as it announces that Princess Rubina from the Kingdom of Amethyst (really?) is visiting Tokyo.  Diana makes an off handed remark that Usagi and Mamorus future selves always faked sick to avoid appearences.  Luna is very disappointed in Mamoru for following Usagis example. Usagi and Chibi Usa encounter a strange woman on the way home from the store, who tells them its not proper for two ladies to fight.  They encounter her later at the Juban Festival, as she introduces herself as Rubina.  Hawks Eye targets her for her Dream Mirror.

049    173

Episode 147: “Destined Partners? Makoto’s Innocence.”

Zirconia goes over battle clips with the Amazon Trio (in 3d no less), and emphasis their numerous failures.  As the Trio looks at pictures of potential victims, Tigers Eye scoops up a bunch of pictures and decides to go all in.  As he walks away, he drops a photo.  Hawks Eye and Fish Eye pick it up, revealing Makoto (Sailor Jupiter).  The scouts visit Mamorus college as part of a festival.  Makoto falls hard for Tigers Eye, even though the scouts see otherwise.  In the end, Fish Eye hands over Makotos picture to Tigers Eye.  While no new transformations show up, Jupiter pulls a super Supreme Thunder attack.

138    252


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