Moon Day 8/24/15

Even though this is a day late, here are your synopsis for the classic Sailor Moon Super S episodes that were released yesterday.  Both episodes can be streamed on Hulu and Viz’s Neon Alley.

Episode 134: “Makato’s Friendship. The Girl Who Admired Pegasus.”

All the scouts are crazy about a book that has been released by local author.  The book just so happens to be not only writted about the mysterious Pegasus; but the scouts later find out that the book was written by an old classmate of Makoto’s (sailor Jupiter).  That friend turns out to be Tomoko Takase.  Their friendship started out like much of Makoto and Usagi’s relationship, where Makoto would protect Tomoko from bullies (like Usagi making friends with Makato after rumors spread about her).  At the  Circus, Zirconia has become very upset at the failings of the AMazon Trio and chooses the next target for them, which just happens to be Tomoko.

031    194

Episode 135: “Connecting Hearts! Chibi-Usa and Pegasus.”

Chibi Usa meets Pegasus in a dream and asks why she cannot tell the Scouts about their relationship.  Pegasus apologizes and says it’s too dangerous right now to know who he really is.  Chibi Usa becomes upset, but understands why this must be so.  The next day, her class goes to the park to draw landscapes.  She gets criticized by their teacher, Miss Morino and tells Chibi Usa that she cannot pass unless the Pegasus is removed from her picture.  While her friends rag on the stressed out teacher, Chibi Usa just feels sorry for her.  Miss Morino becomes the next target for a beautiful dream, but this attack is to make sure Pegasus is caught.  By the end of the episode, Pegasus gives Chibi Usa the Stallion Reve, a device that lets them communicate outside the world of dreams.

043    248


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