Moon Day 8/17/15

Here are your synopsis’ for the two classic Sailor Moon Super S released to stream today on Hulu and Neon Alley.

Episode 132: “The Perfect Couple: Usagi and Mamoru’s Love.”

This episode features only Mamoru, Usagi, and Chibi Usa.  No Inner Scouts this time around.  Mamorus college friends Saori and Kobayashi come by for a visit.  Saori has a crush on Mamoru, even after meeting his girlfriend Usagi.  Chibi Usa begins to worry that Mamoru might fall for someone else who is prettier and smarter than Usagi; thus resulting in her not being born.  Usagi brushes it off, saying she has faith in Mamoru’s love, so no worries. Saori becomes Tigers Eye’s next target for a beautiful dream that could harbor Pegasus.  During the battle, Sailor Moon almost suffocates to death while saving Mamoru.  Saori witnesses this, and realizes she cannot compete with a “protector of Earth.”

062    192

Episode 133: “Artemis is Cheating?!  Enter the Mysterious Kitten.”

Usagi and Mamoru find out that Luna has become increasingly jealous of Artemis, as he seems to have fallen in love with a human nun.  He claims it’s all a misunderstanding.  While out venting his frustration to Mamoru, a grey kitten appears and claims that Artemis is her father.  Luna witnesses this and goes ballistic, thinking Artemis is having an affair.  Artemis’s nun becomes Tigers Eyes target for a beautiful dream.  During the battle, Tuxedo Mask arrives with the kitten from earlier.  Chibi Moon recognizes her as Diana, her guardian cat from the future.  And Diana explains that she is Artemis and Luna’s daughter as well.

053    263


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