Moon Day 8/3/2015 and 8/10/2015

Hello.  Sorry for the late update for last weeks Moon Day.  Last week marked the start of season four, Sailor Moon Super S.  Just one whole season away from the US debut of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, which has never before been released state side. So for now here are your synopsis for last week and this week’s episodes, currently streaming on Hulu and Viz’s Neon Alley.

Episode 128: “Meeting of Destiny! The Night Pegasus Dances.”

Chibi Usa dreams and hears a voice in the distance.  As she follows, the voice turns out to belong to a lone Pegasus with a golden horn.  He tells he to keep their meeting a secret.  The next day she and the other scouts go to the park to watch a Solar eclipse.  After the eclipse, Usagi notices a tent that wasn’t in the city mere minutes before.  Inside the tent, the dead moon circus plots to capture the Pegasus, who only hides the beautiful dreams of people.  Tiger’s eye targets Motoki’s sister Uzanaki. Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon confront the enemy.  As Chibi Usa secretly prays for help, Pegasus appears and upgrades the two Moons powers.

035    328

Episode 129: “Super Transformation Again. Pegasus’ Power!”

Motoki’s girlfriend Reika is back from her studies in Africa (refer to Season 1).  After encountering Usagi and the other scouts, she mentions that she had been offered an apprenticeship in Europe.  While she wants to accept the offer, she feels it will endanger her relationship with Motoki, as this apprenticeship requires her to stay there for up to 10 years.  She had told Motoki about it, but he’s been keeping her at a distance; causing her to think that he doesn’t love her anymore.  Because of this dream, Reika becomes Tigers Eye’s next target.  Pegasus offers the two Moons help again, but the transformation disappears after he does.

146    247

Episode 130: “Protect a Mother’s Dream! The New Attack of Double Moon.

Usagi throws a tantrum after her mother makes cake for Chibi Usa and her brother, but not her.  Ikuko mentions that since they got good grades on their tests, they deserved it.  Usagi leaves, only to complain to the other scouts.  The scouts side with Ikuko and Chibi Usa, as Chibi Usa is far from home, and that Ikuko is the closest thing to Chibi Usa’s mother besides the immature Usagi.  Ikuko becomes Hawk Eye’s target to finding Pegasus in her dream mirror.  Pegasus appears and permanantly upgrades Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon’s brooches and weapons.

262    284

Episode 131: Capture the Pegasus! The Amazons Trap!”

Hawk Eye develops a cage system to catch Pegasus on their next mission after Zirconia berates them for the last few failures..  Tigers Eye chooses Usagi’s friend Naru as his next target.  This episode marks the last time we see Naru and her boyfriend Umino in the series (with the exception of the special Ami’s First Love).   Tigers Eye tricks Naru into being her boyfriend as he lies about having only days to live.  While Umino understands the “situation” he thinks the relationship is over.

062    164


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