Moon Day 7/27/15

Here are the final two episodes of Sailor Moon S that started streaming yesterday for Moon Day, July 27th.  It’s very exciting because next week will be the start of the 4th season, Sailor Moon SuperS!!! Yay!  I love watching the old episodes again (probably about the 3rd or 4th time going through these), but I am very excited that they will be finally showing season 5, Sailor Moon Sailor Stars for the first time outside Japan!!! My exposure to the 5th season came way of a somewhat okay bootleg DVD set I found off of Ebay years ago.  While not as bad as other bootlegs, you can tell where things got a tad too fuzzy.  Very cool! Now onto the last 2 episodes of Sailor Moon S.

Episode 126: “A New Life: Parting of the Stars of Destiny.”

The battle against Pharaoh 90 has ended, and Usagi and the other scouts have no recollection of whether Hotaru has been saved.  Chibi Usa puts on a brave front, mentioning to Usagi that she did all she could and that maybe Hotaru is safe.  Michiru and Haruka deliver the reborn Hotaru back to a rehabilitating Professor Tomoe.  After seeing Sailor Pluto in a vision, Chibi Usa encounters the baby Hotaru, reaffirming that they will meet again someday.  Sailor Moon then proves to Neptune and Uranus that she is worthy of becoming the future queen of the New Silver Millennium.

129    250

Episode 127: “A Guardians Realization: Strength Lies within a Pure Heart.”

The door of Space and Time has reopened, as Neo Queen Serenity sends word to Chibi Usa that she can return to the 30th Century.  Chibi Usa feels conflicted, wanting to return home, but also stay with Usagi and the others.  In the end, she ends up going back home after Usagi throws a going away party.  After Chibi Usa leaves, word gets to the scouts that a Diamon had survived the wreckage Pharaoh 90 left behind.  This Diamon is the most powerful, as it merged with the oven used to create them.  In the midst of battle, Sailor Chibi Moon returns!

038    307


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