Moon Day 7/13/2015

Sorry I didn’t post a moon day last week and this weeks is rather late, but I have been busy the last week.  Today is the last work day of a 6 day work week for me, hopefully I will be back on track by next week.  Here’s your summaries for this weeks 2 classic Sailor Moon S episodes now streaming on Hulu and Viz’s Neon Alley. Only 4 more episodes after this left until Sailor Moon S is over and we transition into Sailor Moon SuperS. Also released this week is the first part of the Sailor Moon R season on Blu Ray and DVD.  It comes in both a limited and standard edition.  The limited edition is pictured below.  Now onto the summaries.


Episode 122: “Believe in Love: Ami the Kindhearted Guardian.”

The Inner Guardians contemplate how to get into Mugen academy after finding Tellu’s student handbook.  Ami mentions a national exam is being held at the academy and she had entered as a way to sneak in.  As the scouts infiltrate the academy, Michiru and Haruka have their own plans of finding the Messiah of Silence.  Upon entering, Ami meets Yui Bidou, another student who scored a perfect exam besides Ami herself.  Yui needs up being the 4th witch in the Witches 5.  As Uranus and Neptune encounter The Messiah of Silence, she escapes after the Scouts defeat Yui.

092    204

Episode 123: “Shadow of Destruction! The Messiah of Silence Awakens!”

Cyprine, the 5th and last member of the Witches 5, helps conceive a plan to steal mass quantities of pure heart crystals as the Messiah of Silence is getting weaker.  Kaori conceives her own plan on finding one pure heart that could give massive power to the Messiah; and her target is Chibi Usa.  After the scouts defeat Cyprine and her twin Pitilol, Professor Tomoe and Kaori sacrifice Chibi Usa to the Messiah of Silence.  Chibi Usa’s last vision of Hotaru makes her happy, as she sees her friend is okay.  After swallowing Chibi Usa’s heart crystal, instead of awakening as the scout of silence Saturn, Hotaru wakes up as Mistress 9.

106    232


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