Moon Day 6/29/2015

Sorry this Sailor Moon episode update is late, had a really busy beginning of the week.  Lets get right to it.  Here are your synopsis for the Sailor Moon S episodes released this past Monday on Hulu and Neon Alley.  Only 8 more episodes left in this season.

Episode 118: “Battle inside the Demonic Space: The Sailor Guardians Gamble.”

Chibi Usa and Hotaru are playing at Hotaru’s home until Mimete’s messing with Professor Tomoe’s Diamon machine cause the interior of the house to become part of a dimensional rift.  Sailor Moon and the Inner Scouts risk teleporting inside in an attempt to save them both.  The Outer Scouts wait outside as Haruka’s growing concern about Hotaru makes her comment that she hopes Hotaru stays in the rift.  At the end, the Scouts encounter the Diamon controlling the rift.

195    315

Episode 119: “The Messiah of Silence Awakens?! Stars of Destiny!”

Rei and Michiru’s visions of the end of the world become increasingly more clear as the silence approaches. Each begin to see a more clearer outline of the Messiah of Silence.  Rei thinks she see’s Hotaru, but pushes the thought back as she thinks about her friendship with the girl.  Michiru sees the Silent Glaive, a staff symbolizing the planet of Silence, Saturn.  The Messiah of Silence presses Professor Tomoe to work faster.  During a Diamon attack, Hotaru awakens as Sailor Saturn, the scout of death and silence.  The Outers are quick to try and destroy her before she fully awakens, only to be stopped by Sailor Moon and Chibi Usa.  Hotaru then disappears, only to the Outer Scouts disappointment.

208    228


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