Boruto the Movie trailer Debuts

The official website for the “Boruto: Naruto the Movie” has started streaming a trailer for the new movie, which will debut in Japan on August 7th.  Tickets for the movie will go on sale this Saturday June 27th.  The trailer is below. had a subtitled trailer earlier, which was later taken down.


Narrator: In the place where leaves dance, the fire still burns. The fire casts shadows over the village, and the leaves bud once more.
Boruto: Shadow Clone Technique!
Sasuke: So, you’re Naruto’s son?
Boruto: Take me as your student! I’ll defeat my dad!
Text: The Chūnin Exams start!
Sarada: Boruto, you idiot. It’s me who’s going to become the Hokage!
Text: A new generation fights.
Boruto: I’ve never wanted to be the Hokage. If you were going to become this kind of parent, then you should’ve said so from the start!
Text: Danger comes to the village.
Naruto: Sasuke, I entrust him to you.
Text: An inherited resolve…
Text: Theme Song: “Diver” by KANA-BOON (Ki/oon Music)
Boruto: Isn’t there an easier way to get it?!
Sasuke: Naruto could do it.
Boruto: Why do you worry so much about me?
Sasuke: You’re more blockheaded than him. And also…
Naruto: You’ve done well. I’ve been able to watch over you as you grow.
Boruto: Useless old man.
Text: Chief Production Supervisor: Masashi Kishimoto
Man: You can’t run from us.
Text: A great masterpiece from the original creator.
Naruto: The times may change, but the essence of being a ninja hasn’t.
Sasuke: I believe that.
Boruto: How much does it take to go this far?
Sasuke: You’re my student.
Boruto: And my son.
Sasuke and Naruto: Go, Boruto!
Text: The young child (Boruto)…
Text: Will go beyond…
Text: The legend (Naruto).
Boruto: Just watch me, you useless old man!
Naruto and Sasuke: Boruto -Naruto the Movie-
Boruto: I’m not gonna lose!
Text: “I can’t draw anything better than this!” – Masashi Kishimoto
Text: August 7 (Friday)
Text: The strongest present in the history of Jump movies!
Naruto: When you watch the film, you’ll get a special manga and a full-color version of the last chapter!

While this looks pretty cool, I can’t help but feel while watching this; I am getting the “same shit, different day” feel from this.  You have Boruto (Naruto), setting out to be better than and eventually becoming the next Hokage (Kage).  Boruto starts training for the Chunin exams with Sasuke (Kakashi).  Others enter the field, and the village gets attacked, etc, etc.  I may give this a look at when it does come out, but won’t be expecting much.

Source: Anime News Network,


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