Moon Day 6/22/15

Here’s your episodes that got released for Moon Day, which was yesterday June 22nd, now streaming on Hulu and Viz’s Neon Alley. After this we only have 10 more episodes left in the “S” season before we hit “Super S.”

Episode 116: “Sunny Skies After the Storm: A Friendship Dedicated to Hotaru.”

Usagi, Mamoru, and Chibi Usa invite Hotoru with them on a picnic after Chibi Usa notices how depressed she looked after seeing the three of them together.  While Kaori insists in interfering with Hotoru’s life, her father suggests it would be good for her to get out.  Mamoru runs into a old friend who runs a greenhouse at the park; who later becomes a target for a pure heart crystal.  Mimete becomes conflicted whether to go after Professor Tomo’s target, or Mamoru. The outer scouts are still keeping an eye out on them, as Uranus’s feelings about Hotaru’s evil aura is still disconcerting.

059   089

Episode 117: “Higher and Stronger: A Cheer from Usagi!”

Mamoru meets up with Usagi and the other Scouts; and explains what the Outer Scouts had told him a few episodes ago about their mission before the fall of the Moon Kingdom and the present.  Hotaru becomes enamored with a track star, who suffered from disabilities early in life.  Usagi and Chibi Usa take it upon themselves to make sure Hotaru can meet him in person.  A Diamon attacks, making the track star it’s next victim.  Hotaru’s power comes out again, causing the Outers to show up.  They still emphasize that Chibi Usa should not be friends with her.

003   090


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