Kingdom Hearts 3 in Development

Square Enix announced today during their press conference at E3 that Kingdom Hearts 3 is “now in development.” They show a trailer already dubbed in english showing 2 new (and unnamed) characters; and a lot of gameplay featuring Sora, Goofy, and Donald.  No release date has been announced and Square did not go into any further details.  I have a feeling we will not see this game for PS4 or Xbox One until 2018, after Final Fantasy 15; and the Final Fantasy VII remake are released.  The trailer is below.  It looks fantastic, it’s a shame there’s still not solid release date for this yet again.


2 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts 3 in Development

  1. I believe they should have said “still in development.” “Now in development” is what they said when Square Enix debuted it at E3 2013, correct?


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