Moon Day 6/15/2015

Here are your synopsis for both Moon day Sailor Moon S episodes, now streaming on Hulu Plus and Viz’s Neon Alley.

Episode 114: “I Love Idols! Mimete’s Dilemma.”

This episode is the third one in the season focusing on Minako / Sailor Venus.  The Messiah of Silence gets impatient as she asks for more Pure Heart crystals.  Mimete targets a pop idol Jinta Araki as the next pure heart target.  Professor Tomoe becomes concerned about her work considering all her targets are young, good looking men.  Minako and Mimete enter the same contest where the winner will become the lead in Jinta’s next TV show.  A Diamon attacks and the Outer Scouts now figure out why the Death Busters still need more pure heart crystals.


Episode 115: “Shadow of Silence: The Pale Glimmer of a Firefly.”

The Outer Scouts suspect that there is something dark hiding under Hotaru’s personality.  Sailor Pluto takes up her friendship with Chibi Usa again, after Chibi Usa confronts her for being distant since she reappeared.  Mimete’s next target is a soup opera star, whose Diamon show up as Sailor Uranus is taking Chibi Usa and Hotaru home.  Sailor Uranus becomes more uneasy as she finds out that Professor Tomoe is Hotaru’s father.  Hotaru’s negative power shows up as the Scouts fight the Diamon.



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