My Love Story!! Anime Episode 8 and 9 Review

*Warning: May contain spoilers.*

My Love Story is one of best anime shows in recent months and the next two episodes are no exception.  Episodes 8 and 9 marks a two parter, as we delve deeper into the friendship, or as I like to call it “bromance” between Takeo and Sunakawa. If you follow the manga, both episodes take place during Volume 2.

Episode 8, “My Friend” marks many milestones in all the lives of our characters.  The theme runs around birthdays and it is revealed that Yamato’s birthday is on June 15th.  Which is in a matter of days. While contemplating how to plan for Yamato’s birthday, Takeo contemplates how happy he is that Yamato and Sunekawa were born into this world.  What is great about this is we are shown even more of how big of a heart Takeo has behind the Ogre like exterior.  He takes up work so he can treat Yamato, and Yamato extends an invitation to Sunekawa, whom she has notice has been feeling alone and distant lately.


Continuing on the them of Birth and Birthdays, it also comes to light that Takeo’s mom is pregnant.  Takeo is ever estatic that he may be a big brother.   The reaction face is just awesome.


Towards the end of the episode, we hit a snag.  While all this time Takeo thinks he knows a lot about Sunakawa, he is shocked to hear from his mother that Sunakawa father is in the hospital.  She is even shocked as well, considering it comes as a surprise for him.  Here we see again how big of a heart Takeo has as he confronts Sunakawa about the situation.  Torn with taking Yamato out and being there for his friend, Takeo considers calling the date off.  Here’s where I commend Sunekawa for being really great friend, almost brother like in his ways.  Sunakawa insists that Takeo keep to his date, considering he’s celebrating Yamato’s birthday for the first time.  While his dad’s future is uncertain, he would rather see Takeo happy than being depressed with him at the hospital. Even after much pleading, the episode ends with Takeo respecting Sunekawa’s wishes.

Episode 9 “My Friend and I” is the second part to this two parter and it’s the day of Yamato’s birthday.  Takeo still meets Sunekawa before meeting Yamato and sends good vibes his way while still asking what time the surgery is at.  Of course this could be deemed as a little bit of foreshadowing.


Yamato’s birthday goes off without a hitch, and we all can’t help but still blush at her nervousness at the fun she is having.  It all comes to a head though when she realizes at certain points on the date Takeo seems deep in thought.  He finally tells her what is wrong and I love Yamato and how caring she is of the situation.  She lets Takeo go to the hospital to be by Sunekawa’s side.


In the end, Sunekawa isn’t surprised that Takeo showed up; having felt that he would drop the rest of his date to be there.  I love the friendship between these three characters. They all care for each other, and when push comes to shove, they will always be there for one another.  Even Yamato shows up at the hospital in the end, trying to finish her string of origami cranes for Sunekawa’s dads recovery.


This show keeps getting better and better.  Even though it has been only nine episodes and some of the same things get seen (Yamato’s constant blushing), it never gets old.  5 stars out of 5 on these two episodes.  Cannot wait for next weeks.

My Love Story is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.


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