Moon Day 6/8/2015

Here is you Sailor Moon S episode update for Moon Day June 8th now streaming on Hulu Plus and Viz’s Neon Alley.

Episode 112: “Who is the True Messiah? Chaos of Light and Darkness.”

Mimete takes over where the now deceased Eudial failed as the new leader of the Witches 5 (or really more like the Witches 4).  The new order from Professor Tomoe since the Talismans have been found is to now gather pure heart crystals to feed the power of the Messiah of Silence.  Sailor Pluto meets with the other scouts and lets them know she will not be working with them, but with Neptune and Uranus on their new mission to find the Messiah that can wield the Holy Grail.  The scouts become extras on a movie set, who’s main actor is the next pure heart target.  We are also introduced to Hotoro Tomoe, daughter of Professor Tomoe and soon to be Chibi Usa’s life long friend.


Episode 113: “A House Filled with Evil Presence: The Beautiful Hotoro’s Secret.”

Tuxedo Mask is confronted by the three Outer Senshi.  He pleads with them that they should work together with Sailor Moon and the other Senshi.  The Outer Scouts explain their role from the past, and because their rebirth did not happen soon enough, the evil from the past was allowed to slip into Earth.  The Outer scouts also agree that the battle is far too advanced for the Inner Senshi.  Usagi and Chibi Usa pay a visit to Hotoro, only to find that Kaolinite is alive and well, but now goes by Kaori and is an assistant to Professor Tomoe. The next target for a heart crystal is an author of the book in which Chibi Usa give Hotoro as a gift.


Happy Watching!


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