Moon Day 6/1/2015

Sorry this is late.  I helped my parents move yesterday, and today I spent most of the day in bed as moving things up 3 flights of stairs made me a hobbling cripple.  Doing better but still limping.  Now onto your synopsis for this weeks Moon Day, featured on Hulu Plus and Viz’s Neon Alley.

Episode 110: “The Death of Uranus and Neptune, The Talisman Appears!”

Uranus and Neptune are called out by Eudial as she tells them she knows the identities of the talisman bearers.  Eudials days are numbered as she overhears the other witches discussing her failures.  Uranus and Neptune call out Usagi, asking her not to interfere. As she begs for them to work together, Uranus snatches her brooch as a guarantee that she won’t follow.  Setsuna makes an appearance and offers Usagi her help.  This is part one in a two parter.


Episode 111: “The Holy Grail’s Mystical Power! Moon’s Double Transformation!”

This is the second episode in a two parter.  After it is revealed that Neptune and Uranus are Talisman bearers, it’s a race against the clock to save their lives as Eudial runs away with Neptune’s Mirror and Uranus’ Sword.  The scouts chase  Eudial until it is just Sailor Moon left to confront the witch.  After a failed attack against Eudial, Setsuna reveals herself as Sailor Pluto, and the carrier of the last talisman.  The Holy Grail appears, and Sailor Moon transforms into Super Sailor Moon.



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