Persona 4: Dancing All Night gets Fall Release

I am a huge fan of the Persona 4 series.  I binged watched all the anime on Hulu Plus and the Golden series on Crunchyroll.  I am also currently playing Persona Q on the 3DS.  While I do not own a PS Vita (yet), this might be a push into that direction.  Atlus USA announced today through a music video that it will release the rhythm game “Persona 4: Dancing All Night” this fall.  The trailer / music video is below.

The story of the game takes place a year after the events in the anime, with one of the characters, Rise, returning to the world of entertainment.  The Midnight Channel returns and the cast has do battle in the form of “dancing” against shadows in the Shadow world.


It was also announced that there will be two versions of the game to be released, a “launch” version and a “Disco Fever” edition.  The standard “launch” version will retail at $49.99 and will include 1 Vita Skin and 10 wallpapers.  The “Disco Fever” edition will retail for $79.99 and will include 2 soundtrack CD’s, a reversible PS Vita Pouch, a Teddie keychain, 1 Vita skin, 10 wallpapers, 14 DLC costumes, and a bonus song.


While I will probably get the “Disco” version, I almost wish they would announce the Persona “Dancing all Night” PS Vita limited release bundle that will be released in Japan on June 25th.  Cause I would so buy that to go along with my Persona themed 3DS.


Source: Anime News Network


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